Wednesday, January 21, 2009

American Women; We Shall Overcome, Someday!!!!!!!!

It is very clear that although this nation is in the throes of near delirious self-congratulatory back patting post inaugural hysteria that women have not yet arrived at the same place in society occupied by men.

We can on very rare occasions be elected to the Senate or the House and we can on very rare occasions be appointed to some post or high position.

But we cannot be POTUS.

Or even VPOTUS.

No, not yet.

And although our contributions are enormous, we cannot demand the respect a male has the day he is born. If we could, the auction for the Sarah Palin Hanging in Effigy Depiction items on eBay would have been closed down permanently by now.

I have sent the information to many people in the media. We will see who steps forward to help.

© Janet Crain

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Josh Painter said...

Hi, I apologize for using a comment for this, but I don't know your e-mail address.

I have tried to include your blog on my blog's blog list, but it displays showing that your blog's most recent post was two months ago.

The Blogger help desk says it is being caused because the blog feed for your blog is being redirected wrongly due to the wrong url in the Settings------>Site Feed----->Post Feed
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Please let me know when you get it corrected, and I'll add your blog to my Blog list.


Josh Painter

SpeakDog said...

That ebay listing is obscene. And such a brilliant example of the hypocrisy of the Left.

(and I can't get your blog to load into my feed, either... )