Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sarah Palin "Hanging in Effigy" Auction at eBay Bids are up to $2,247.22

On Sunday, January 18th, we exposed the offensive auction on eBay of the "Sarah Palin Hanging in Effigy" items used by Chad Morrisette at his West Hollywood home in Oct. This was well publicized at the time. Now Mr. Morrisette is cashing in on that publicity. Protesters to eBay have shut this auction down three times, but he keeps re-listing. Now the auction bids are up to $2,247.22 with one day and 15 hours to go. He has made it clear in a statement to the LATimes that the noose is included.

Background info here:
Auction here:

If he relists find him here.

Comments at the time of the incident:

From a feminism and gender perspective, the hanged effigy of Sarah Palin represents a troubling new road advocating violence against women. Chad Michael Morrisette, a man in West Hollywood, CA, made the extremely poor decision to voice his opposition to the Republican presidential ticket by hanging an effigy of Gov. Palin from the roof of his home.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and here we have men hanging Palin from the roof of their home. Nijma at Camel's Nose wrote, "Whatever you think of Sarah Palin’s politics, there is no excuse for the hate speech that has been unleashed against her," and reported that the last person to die in a lynching assualt in the US was a six year old girl who had been raped, then hung in her family's garage. Kim Gandy, president of the National Organization of Women, told the Los Angeles Times:

It is a shock to the senses for those of us who work to stop violence against women to see such a public depiction of violence... This has no place in a civilized dialogue. If you oppose Sarah Palin's policies, say why you oppose them.

Please go to the auction and scroll to the bottom and click on report offensive item. If enough of us do this, the auction will be shut down, hopefully permanently. This was a hate crime and selling these items is against eBay's own policies.

Thank you!!!

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