Monday, March 30, 2009

Time Flies When You are Twittering

© Janet Crain

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Auto Workers Not Happy With Treatment of Wagoner

by Janet Crain
One source said the reason for the disparaging treatment of the auto industry is because they are dinosaurs who have outlived their time. But bankers will still be needed in the future. This is a totally asinine explanation to me. How are we supposed to move people and goods from one place to another? Transportation is and will continue to be the most important industry in the global economy. I suppose BO plans to round up everyone and put them in re-education camps planned communities where they can walk or pedal to work and shopping and government approved cultural events. But there is just one problem with this scenario: we are Americans who were born free and we'll die free.

Anything less is to to spit on our ancestor's memories.

Workers say Obama treated autos worse than Wall St

DETROIT (AP) -- Many assembly line autoworkers reacted with skepticism and anger Monday to the Obama administration's tough tactics, which stoked long-simmering feelings that the people who put the country on wheels get treated differently than the wizards of Wall Street.

"It's the age-old Wall Street vs. Main Street smackdown again," said Brian Fredline, president of UAW Local 602 at a plant near Lansing. "You have all kinds of funding available to banks that are apparently too big to fail, but they're also too big to be responsible."

"But when it comes to auto manufacturing and middle-class jobs and people that don't matter on Wall Street, there are certainly different standards that we have to meet -- higher standards -- than the financials. That is a double standard that exists and it's unfair," Fredline said.

Many workers -- not generally known for their affection toward executives -- even sympathized with Rick Wagoner, who was forced to step down as chief executive of General Motors Corp. He was by turns called a "sacrificial lamb," "scapegoat" and "fall guy."

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The sound of cracking ice..........

You know that instantly sick to your stomach feeling you get from a near automobile crash? That is the feeling many are getting now from the sound of cracking ice..........

Traditionally, punditry in Washington has been a cozy business. To get the inside scoop, big-time columnists sometimes befriend top policymakers and offer informal advice over lunch or drinks. Naturally, lines can blur. The most noted pundit of mid-20th-century Washington, Walter Lippmann, was known to help a president write a speech—and then to write a newspaper column praising the speech.

Paul Krugman has all the credentials of a ranking member of the East Coast liberal establishment: a column in The New York Times, a professorship at Princeton, a Nobel Prize in economics. He is the type you might expect to find holding forth at a Georgetown cocktail party or chumming around in the White House Mess of a Democratic administration. But in his published opinions, and perhaps in his very being, he is anti-establishment. Though he was a scourge of the Bush administration, he has been critical, if not hostile, to the Obama White House.

In his twice-a-week column and his blog, Conscience of a Liberal, he criticizes the Obamaites for trying to prop up a financial system that he regards as essentially a dead man walking. In conversation, he portrays Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and other top officials as, in effect, tools of Wall Street (a ridiculous charge, say Geithner defenders). These men and women have "no venality," Krugman hastened to say in an interview with NEWSWEEK. But they are suffering from "osmosis," from simply spending too much time around investment bankers and the like. In his Times column the day Geithner announced the details of the administration's bank-rescue plan, Krugman described his "despair" that Obama "has apparently settled on a financial plan that, in essence, assumes that banks are fundamentally sound and that bankers know what they're doing. It's as if the president were determined to confirm the growing perception that he and his economic team are out of touch, that their economic vision is clouded by excessively close ties to Wall Street."

If you are of the establishment persuasion (and I am), reading Krugman makes you uneasy. You hope he's wrong, and you sense he's being a little harsh (especially about Geithner), but you have a creeping feeling that he knows something that others cannot, or will not, see. By definition, establishments believe in propping up the existing order. Members of the ruling class have a vested interest in keeping things pretty much the way they are. Safeguarding the status quo, protecting traditional institutions, can be healthy and useful, stabilizing and reassuring. But sometimes, beneath the pleasant murmur and tinkle of cocktails, the old guard cannot hear the sound of ice cracking.

© Janet Crain

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Can New Book Give Sarah the Reintroduction She Deserves?

New Book Moves to Reintroduce Sarah Palin to Americans

In 'Sarah Palin: Poised to Become America's First Female President', Recaldo Ochoa explores the life and times of a politician he believes was wronged by the media. He reintroduces Americans to an exceptional American woman, Governor Sarah Palin, who has the character, the qualification, the attributes--intelligence, judgment, leadership ability, and experience--and the unprecedented historical opportunity to become the first female president of the greatest nation on earth.

Acworth, Ga. (PRWEB) March 27, 2009 -- 'Sarah Palin: Poised to Become America's First Female President' by Recaldo Ochoa aims to debunk the false persona that he suggests was created by the press to discredit Palin and ruin her chances of success.

Sarah Palin is often viewed as a polarizing figure, states Ochoa, people either seem to love her or hate her. In 'Sarah Palin', he sets out to separate the myths from the truths about her life and her service in government. Analyzing her personal and political journey, Ochoa means to give readers a second look at the governor so that they might make up their own minds about this controversial figure.

When Palin was announced as John McCain's running mate, Ochoa was determined to learn more about her. He wrote this book to defend her against attacks on her intelligence and character during and after the presidential election. In chapter after chapter, Ochoa delves into Palin's personal and public life, including her work as governor of Alaska, where he feels she put her career on the line fighting for the interests of the people she represents. "She may be a hockey mom," states Ochoa, "but she has the intelligence, judgment and leadership ability to lead the country."

Press Release

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Why GE???

by David Sirota
So here's the question: Can anyone explain the differing treatment of auto companies and Wall Street firms? Is it just that there are far more Wall Street worshipers like Tim Geithner and Larry Summers in the Obama administration than auto industry representatives? Or is it something else?

The Associated Press reports that "General Motors Corp. Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner will step down immediately at the request of the White House, U.S. administration officials said Sunday." I'm not sure that's a good or bad thing, but I am curious about why the White House would make such a bold demand of a car company the federal government is lending to, but not a similar demand of the banks the federal government partially owns?

What I mean is - how is it that the White House is requesting the resignation of GM's CEO while not doing the same of, say, Bank of America's CEO? In fact, not only is the president not demanding the resignation of bank CEOs, he's actually hosting them for photo ops at the White House. Sure, I know some bank CEOs resigned a few months ago under shareholder pressure, but the Obama administration has never publicly demanded such resignations of the current management that is making the problems worse, nor the resignation of management at the biggest firms (Goldman Sachs, BofA, etc.) that are still in place.

Working Class Democrat comments:

I'm beginning to concede that Obama is worrisome. While it is too early to judge him on his actions, it is not too early to begin to see a pattern. There is a part of me that fears a Manchurian Candidate. There has been precious little for the working man up to this point and Obama may be looking to Kent Conrad to get him out of his campaign promise to bring us a National Health Care program. It's worrisome.

Obama doesn't care anything about working class Americans. Remember how he and Biden turned up their noses and snarled through clenched teeth; "He's a plumber". As if there were nothing worse than plumbers. When in truth, any honest work is to be admired. I daresay none of the elites in DC can fix a toilet or anything else, these days. Janet Crain

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Eyes Have it: Maureen Dowd Blames Blue Eyed People for Financial Crisis, also!!!

by Janet Crain
In the news this past week, it was startling to learn that President Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva blames blue eyed people for our present finacial woes. But that is par for the course. Leftists can say the most outrageously racist things and remain immune to criticism.

But it is a real shocker to read in Maureen Dowd's article "Blue Eyed Greed?" that she agrees. Ms. Dowd who seeming put the dowd in dowdy has a real problem with blue eyes dating from her childhood. So perhaps her comments are understandable. Not forgivable, but understandable. When she added "and rightfully" to her sentence copied below, she stooped low, low indeed, into a morass of bigotry her kind is so fond of condemning. Where is the righteous indignation now?

White People With Blue Eyes Caused the Financial Crisis

In Brazil, Gordon Brown continued his pre-summit tour but there was embarrassment when his host, President Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva, said the financial crisis was caused by "white people with blue eyes". He told a joint press conference with Mr Brown that he had never met a black banker.

"This is a crisis that was caused by people, white with blue eyes. And before the crisis they looked as if they knew everything about economics," he said. "Once again the great part of the poor in the world that were still not yet [getting] their share of development that was caused by globalisation, they were the first ones to suffer.

"Since I am not acquainted with any black bankers, I can only say that this part of humanity that is the major victim of the world crisis, these people should pay for the crisis? I cannot accept that. If the G20 becomes a meeting just to set another meeting, we'll be discredited and the crisis can deepen."

Downing Street sources suggested the controversial remarks were meant for "domestic consumption".

We now have a culprit in the global financial mess. Many thought it was caused by liberal politicians who forced banks to make loans based on ethnicity instead of ability to repay, and by ACORN thugs like Barack Obama who enforced these insane policies with lawsuits and other intimidation tactics. Thanks to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac having bought protection from the Democrat Party, the inevitable crisis was not addressed until it became huge enough to bring down the entire US economy, which is pulling the rest of the world down after it. But Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, President of Brazil, reveals the surprising truth:

Brazil's President, while meeting Gordon Brown, has said the global financial crisis was caused by "white people with blue eyes".
MAUREEN DOWD: 'Barack Obama and his family have already had a profound effect on the culture in terms of what is beautiful and marketable. Black faces are popping up in all kinds of ads now - wearing straw boaters and other prepster outfits in Ralph Lauren ads. With Michelle urging students to aim for A's and the president promising to make school 'cool,' brown eyes may finally - and rightfully - overtake blue as the windows of winners.'
Politico Playbook

Blue Eyed Greed?

And it is true, of course, that the upper-crust, underwhelming Anglo-Saxon leaders who allowed America’s financial markets to morph into louche casinos, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, were very, very white men with blue eyes.

As the Who sang: “No one knows what it’s like to be the bad man, to be the sad man behind blue eyes. No one knows what it’s like to be hated, to be fated to telling only lies.”

© Janet Crain

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Poll of change: Obama’s job approval slipping to ‘50-50’

The honeymoon is over, according to a national poll out today as President Obama’s job approval stumbles to about 50 percent over the lack of improvement with the crippled economy.

The sobering numbers come as the president backpedals from two prime-time gaffes - one comparing his bowling score to a Special Olympian and another awkwardly laughing about the economy, which prompted Steve Kroft of “60 Minutes” to ask “are you punch-drunk?”

Pollster John Zogby said his poll will show Americans split on the president’s performance. He said the score factors out to “about 50-50.”

The poll, released this afternoon, shows the president’s “excellent or good” job performance rating hitting 49 percent, down 3 points from a March 5 Zogby poll. Other poll highlights include:

50 percent rate Obama’s performance as “fair or good.”

1 percent are not sure about the president’s performance.

45 percent believe the nation is heading in the right direction, an upward trend.

91 percent of Democrats rate the president favorably.

14 percent of Republicans support his performance in office.

Some polls show Obama coasting with a 65 percent job approval, but not in Zogby’s tally.

“The numbers are going down,” Zogby told the Herald. “It’s not because of the gaffes, but a combination of high expectations and that things aren’t moving fast enough with the economy.”

Hat Tip: Lipstick Smear Campaign

© Janet Crain

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Before Al Gore Invented Global Warming

by Janet Crain

Let's take a step back in time and observe what function Al Gore was fulfilling prior to inventing Global Warming. Some refer to this time as the "Era of Furnishing Entertainment for the Masses". This is also known as the "Post Internet Invention Pre-Global Warming Era". Reference: Wiki Wiki Piki

"A zebra does not change its spots."
- Al Gore, attacking President George Bush in 1992

"We are ready for any unforeseen event that may or may not occur."

-- Vice President Al Gore, 9/22/97

"For NASA, space is still a high priority."

-- Vice President Al Gore, 9/5/93

"Quite frankly, teachers are the only profession that teach our children."

-- Vice President Al Gore

"The Holocaust was an obscene period in our nation's history. I mean in this century's history. But we all lived in this century. I didn't live in this century."

-- Vice President Al Gore, 9/15/95

Hat Tip: Sistah Toldjah

Did you know that Al Gore was an Iraq war “warmonger” back in 1992? I didn’t either, until I saw the following clip, which is of the Goracle taking the former Bush administration to task over their supposed ignoring of …

… Saddam’s ties to terror.

Bryan at Hot Air sets the stage for Gore’s comments:

The thesis of the Gore speech: Reagan-Bush had looked the other way and let Saddam Hussein become a terroristic menace and a WMD developer. They had ignored Saddam’s many operational ties to terrorists over the years so they could maintain relations with him and offset the threat from the mullahs in Iran. Reagan-Bush and then Bush 41 on his own had shown weakness in the face of the threat from Saddam’s Iraq, a weakness that was not offset even by the 1991 Gulf War victory. Gore’s speech was intended to make an issue of Republican weakness in the face of terrorism, and in the face of Saddam’s hard and verified connections to terrorism in particular.


© Janet Crain

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Friday, March 27, 2009


by Charles Hurt
"If you and a buddy are walking through the woods and encounter a hungry, angry bear, you don't have to outrun the bear. You simply have to outrun your buddy."

Last updated: 3:37 am
March 27, 2009
Posted: 2:40 am
March 27, 2009

FOR a guy who talks so much about wanting a new era of re sponsibility, President Obama spends an awful lot of time blaming Republicans for all the wild and reckless spending he crammed into his own budget.

After running a campaign against the $1 trillion deficit he "inherited" from President Bush and the Republicans, Obama quickly matched it. During his first 50 days in office, he and his Democratic-controlled Congress spent $1 billion an hour.

Under Obama's proposed budget, the overall national debt doubles in five years and triples in 10.

Not exactly "moving from an era of borrow and spend to one where we save and invest," as he promised.

How does Mr. Responsibility explain the disconnect between this reality and his absurd claims? By insisting that Republicans were worse.

© Janet Crain

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Cafferty's Crush on Michelle Obama is a Painful Thing to Observe

CNN's Jack Cafferty Confesses His 'Crush
on Michelle Obama'

CNN commentator Jack Cafferty flat out admitted in a commentary on Tuesday that he is "developing a crush on America's first lady," Michelle Obama: "Michelle Obama is more compelling than her husband. He's good, but she's utterly fascinating....Mrs. Obama has blown away the stale air in a White House musty from eight years of the Bushes. It's like the sun came out and a fresh spring breeze began wafting through the open windows."

After admitting his crush and comparing her to fair weather, Cafferty pushed Mrs. Obama's populist credentials, compared to past First Ladies: "It's the people's house, and Michelle Obama totally gets it. So much so that she has taken to inviting people in from the streets to see her home. Nice touch -- one completely lacking in her recent predecessors."

The commentator then focused the next few paragraphs to how well people react to the current First Lady, all the time exuding his admiration for her: "Watch her when she visits a local school and you see the warmth and affection she instantly triggers in people. Kids are pretty much totally honest with very good BS-detectors. If they sense you're a phony, forget it. But around the first lady, they want to hug her and laugh with her and tell her stories."

Give me a break!!! He needs to take a look at this picture of Laura Bush from April 2007:

First Lady Laura Bush

Friendship’s Woodridge Elementary and Middle School on National Malaria Awareness Day, Wednesday, April 25, 2007.

Joined by Friendship Chairman Donald Hense, Woodridge Principal Crystal Clark, U.S. Ambassador Karen Hughes, Malaria No More and WNBA and NBA players, the First Lady highlighted the impact of malaria by leading a malaria trivia game with 5th graders and reading “Nets are Nice” to 1st graders, a book that shares how students can help others in need.

The First Lady’s visit concluded with students playing a round of hoops in the school gymnasium with NBA legend and “My Giant” movie star Gheorghe Muresan.

Let's give credit where credit is due. Google "laura bush school visits" and you will find many examples of Laura Bush visiting schools around the world. Her reception by the children was always like the photo above. I just hope that Michelle Obama can come UP to Laura Bush's standard when she is called upon to play hostess to visiting dignitaries. We already know her husband is not exactly a stellar host.

© Janet Crain


VoteNovember2008 has left a new comment on the post "Cafferty's Crush on Michelle Obama is a Painful Th...":

Thank you for this post! First Lady Laura Bush was first class in the truest sense! VN8
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Cafferty Can't Stop Talking About ...... Sarah Palin

CNN's Jack Cafferty Mocks Sarah Palin...Yet

When he's not gushing over the Obamas, you can make a fair bet that CNN commentator Jack Cafferty is bashing conservatives, and he returned to one of his favorite subjects of scorn during his regular "Cafferty File" segment on Thursday's Situation Room -- Sarah Palin. He labeled three quotes from a recent speech the Alaska Governor gave as "painful." He concluded his commentary by remarking that "whoever said truth is stranger than fiction must have met this woman."

The CNN commentator also hinted twice during the segment that the Alaska Governor was unintelligible. During the commentary, the commentator remarked that Palin "talked about why the Republicans lost in November, and seemed mostly to blame the press, at least I think that's what she said." Later, after Blitzer stated that the Governor would be visiting Washington and that they were going to try to have her on the program, Cafferty laughed and replied: "Well, let's hope so. Maybe you can understand her."

[This item, by the MRC's Matthew Balan, was posted Thursday evening on the MRC's blog, ]

For an example of Cafferty's recent adulation of the Obamas, see the March 4 CyberAlert item, "CNN's Jack Cafferty Confesses His 'Crush on Michelle Obama,'" at:

Cafferty began by reading the quotes without an attribution and asked his viewers to see if they could guess who gave them. After reading the first two, he labeled them "vintage Sarah Palin." After reading the third quote and labeling all three "painful," and summarizing what Palin had talked about during her speech, he asked his "Question of the Hour:" "Is Sarah Palin still relevant to the national dialogue?"

As you might expect, all but one of the viewer responses that Cafferty read at the end of the hour bashed the Alaska governor to one degree or another. The sole exception actually targeted the commentator himself: "Given she's the subject of at least one of your questions every time she opens her mouth, it must mean she's still relevant to the national dialogue!" That person has apparently been paying attention, since Cafferty devoted 35% of his "Questions of the Hour" over a month period between late August and the end of September 2008 to talking about Palin.

More here:

© Janet Crain

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Most Dangerous Person in America?

by Janet Crain
Is Nancy Pelosi truly insane? How do people like this get into a position of power so threatening? She is second in line to the Presidency. As bad as I feel Obama is for this country and as inept and foolish as I believe Joe Biden to be, I pray for their safety because having Nancy Pelosi as President would mean the total collaspe of our country. Her remarks to a group of illegal aliens in San Franciso demonstate just how wrong headed she is. "They are patriots and it is un-American to force them to leave this country" according to Ms. Pelosi. How stupid, how truly stupid is this woman?

I do not believe in Sanctuary Cities. People who are in this country illegally do not deserve sanctuary of any kind. They are stealing from the would be legal immigrants on waiting lists. Our border states have incurred enough expense and discomfort from the illegal aliens already. Enforce the laws. Do you think Mexico would furnish us sanctuary cities to stay in if we poured into their country?

Mexico has resources. They should be forced to accept responsibility for their own citizens. They should develop their country and stop being so backward. They have tourist attractions and plenty of natural resources. They will learn how to survive if there is no alternative. We don't need their labor. That is an old canard that won't wash. There are US citizens standing in line for these jobs. People who want cheap maids, nannies and gardeners should not expect the rest of us to subsidize their employees' wages by furnishing food stamps, welfare, housing and medical care with our taxes.

Frankly I have had enough and so have many others!

Pelosi un-American

It has been reported that House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, was invited by Illinois's own Representative Luis Guitierrez to speak before a group of immigrants gathered in San Francisco.

There she praised the group, a large portion of who were in the U.S. illegally, as "very, very patriotic." She then went on to make assertions, not supported by the facts, that Internal Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials were engaging in inappropriate conduct toward these immigrants and she condemned ICE for enforcing U.S. laws by rounding up the criminals in their homes or workplaces.

In Pelosi's view, the enforcement of U.S. laws by an agency of the federal government must be stopped. "It must be stopped…what value system is this? I think it's un-American. I think it's un-American."

Mrs. Pelosi represents California, a state overrun by illegal immigrants who are sucking the life's blood out of state resources. And Pelosi must not have read the story that appeared in the Chicago Tribune about the illegal immigrant who stole nearly $600,000 in medical services from taxpayers by producing fake identity that showed she was a U.S. citizen. Had she read it, I doubt that she would care. We can see from her authorship of the idiotic stimulus bill, and from her flagrant use of corporate jets at taxpayer expense that she has no interest in and zero capability for protecting the fiscal health of our nation.,0,4142914.story


keyboard.jockey has left a new comment on the post "The Most Dangerous Person in America?":


John McCain admits last November people were mostly voting for Governor Sarah Palin he has no illusions. Thanks For Manning up John. Now maybe you could get your kid to stop doing her version of "The Simple Life" reality TV, online in the form of Blogging. I know you know how they work now you are twittering. Do you and Mrs McCain really want her compared to Paris Hilton, Britney Spears...or say Lindsay Lohan?

keyboard.jockey has left a new comment on the post "The Most Dangerous Person in America?":


Nancy Pelosi is being used big time by the Republicans to raise funds. She is quite the fund raiser for the Republican Party. Nancy Pelosi along with AG Eric Holder "Americans Are Cowards" and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Mexico's Violence is Americas fault. Well to the Americans that voted them in: Do you feel ashamed enough yet? Maybe you all should try a 12 step program for Co-Dependency, and leave the rest of us out of your shame spiral. Just saying, I don't do Guilty Nanny State.

© Janet Crain

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Are the First and Fourteenth Amendments Dead?

by Janet Crain
I truly believe that had this graduate's commencement address referred to her Muslim faith, the remarks would have been allowed. We have bent over backward so far in this country it has become absurd.

During the spring of 2006, graduating senior Brittany McComb was chosen to give the valedictory speech at Foothill High School in Henderson, Nev., by virtue of achieving the highest GPA in the school. After composing her remarks, she submitted them to school administrators according to standard district policy. School administrators, with the advice of their district legal counsel, censored her speech, deleting all three Bible references, several references to “the Lord” and the only mention of the word “Christ.”

On Thursday, June 15, 2006, McComb delivered her commencement address to over 400 fellow students, families and staff. However, believing that the district’s censorship of her speech amounted to a violation of her right to free speech, she attempted to deliver the original version of her remarks in which she shares her personal beliefs about the role that her Christian beliefs played in her success.

When school officials found her to be straying from the approved text, they unplugged her microphone, thus ending the address. Despite extensive jeers from the audience over the school officials’ actions, McComb was not permitted to finish giving her valedictory speech.

keyboard.jockey has left a new comment on
the post "Are the First and Fourteenth Amendments Dead?":

The plan for Mexican Drug Violence on the Mexican Border. This Plan is to use a defoliant but there has been an injunction stopping the use on a 1.1 mile test strip between Nueva Laredo and Laredo.

Obama's plans to secure the Mexican Border getting flack from the GREENS.

© Janet Crain

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

James Carville Goes After the Head of the Republican Party

March 24, 2009
Categories: Sarah Palin

Using Palin

She's become, to the left, what Hillary Clinton and Ted Kennedy long were to the right -- fundraising gold.

The DCCC blasts out an email from James Carville:

Dear Friend,

You won't even believe this.

The Republicans have called on none other than Sarah Palin to headline their big fat-cat fundraising dinner.

You know they're going to use every last dime they raise to try to slam the brakes on President Obama's change agenda.

You know what I say? Thanks, but no thanks - how about you get back on that bridge to nowhere, Sarah.

We've got to beat her and the rest of those "no, baby, no" Republicans standing in President Obama's way by winning this FEC fundraising battle on March 31st. It's the only one in President Obama's first 100 days. It'll show everybody that America stands behind President Obama and Democrats fighting for change - not Sarah Palin and the "just say no" Republicans.
Cont. Here:



Lee Hazel has left a new comment on your post "James Carville Goes After the Head of the Republic...":

I am ecstatic. I had donated to the Sarah Palin PAC and had hoped for an opportunity to say the following: Governor Palin, I would hardly blame you if you never set foot in the lower 48 for the rest of your life.

The treatment you and your beautiful family received by the MSM, obviously the Liberals, and certain members of your own party is unforgivable. It smacked of the vilest forms of naked opportunistic malice.

My sincerest hope is to once more see you on the campaign trail reminding the people of our great republican (as in a Republic) heritage.

I am over 70 years old,a Vietnam veteran and a lung cancer patient and I thank God every day for the opportunities that day offers me. I would say to you:

You are a very special person, one who exudes hope in the real sense, one of individualism and exceptionalism.

Keep up the good work, you are sorely needed.

PC is Thought Control

keyboard.jockey has left a new comment on your post "James Carville Goes After the Head of the Republic...":


Someone should tell Mr James that the Republicans are using the most unpopular House Majority Leader in recent history to raise their campaign funds..really who is hated more in America Governor Sarah Palin or Madame Speaker Nancy Pelosi it's NO contest. Take a look at this you tube in fact that is my response to James Carville. Right now Governor Sarah Palin is the acting Governor of Alaska...she isn't the leader of the House running the Country into the ditch.

© Janet Crain

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Obama's Brand of Political Correctness

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Whom the Gods Would Destroy.....

From anger to madness: A class-warfare crazed government mob is running amok

Sunday, March 22nd 2009, 4:00 AM

Everybody makes mistakes, and I made a beaut the other day. I was wrong to call members of Congress blow-hards and buffoons and declare them worse than useless.

I was too kind.

I should have said our representatives are gangsters in pinstripes and pearls. They are petty tyrants and the more power they grab, the more at risk we are. Homeland Security should flash Code Red any time this Congress is in session.

It is twilight in America now. The House vote to use the tax code to retroactively punish bonus babies was an act of sheer madness. What started as phony outrage at AIG has crossed the line into insane policy. It is stunning that the vote was lopsided and bipartisan.

The Senate is itchy to go along, and President Obama says he's ready to tighten the thumbscrews on the banks. Is there no adult who will bring a straitjacket?

We should all be very afraid. Class warfare is mere predicate for a witch hunt that, once unleashed, will not stop with misbegotten wealth. It will punish success and stifle innovation. Dissent will invite dishonor.

That Congress is a gang of cheap connivers is not news. Chris Dodd, Charlie Rangel, Charles Grassley, Barney Frank - they have been national embarrassments for years.

Full Article Here:

© Janet Crain

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Ozark Arkansas Graduation Class Selling Raffle Tickets

This is a very good way to help insure these kids have a great time on graduation night and are safe. And you *could* win a nice cash prize.

Please send payment through PayPal to if you would like to purchase a ticket. Janet Crain (Abigail's Grammy)

From Abigail...
The 2009 Ozark Senior Class members (and their parents) are raising money for this year's project graduation. (Project Graduation is an event held after the graduation ceremony. It lasts all night and there is food, games, and prizes all night and breakfast in the morning. It was begun as a way to give the graduates a safe way to celebrate and hopefully discourage them from spending the night out partying.)

One part of the fund raising is selling raffle tickets for a cash drawing. The tickets are $25 each and the winner will receive 1/2 of the ticket sales, up to $500. If you would like to help out and buy one or more tickets, please let us know. We have less than two weeks to sell them.

Ends March 31st. Send payment or contribution through PayPal to my daughter, and indicate it is a gift. Then email Diane Humphrey at with information on where to send your ticket.

© Janet Crain

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Twitter/BOTeleprompter Feed Widget for Your Convenience

For your convenience a Twitter/BOTeleprompter Feed Widget has been added top right. >>>>>>>>>


© Janet Crain

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Palin Hits Obama on 'Special Olympics' Joke


Gov. Sarah Palin responded to remarks made last night by President Obama related to the Special Olympics on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno":

“I was shocked to learn of the comment made by President Obama about Special Olympics,” Governor Palin said. “This was a degrading remark about our world’s most precious and unique people, coming from the most powerful position in the world.

“These athletes overcome more challenges, discrimination and adversity than most of us ever will. By the way, these athletes can outperform many of us and we should be proud of them. I hope President Obama’s comments do not reflect how he truly feels about the special needs community.”


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And Teleprompter Cringed

President Obama really should not strike out on his own without Teleprompter. His comment on Jay Leno last night was not one of his stellar moments.


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Who's Really Running This Country?

Barack Obama's Teleprompter Has A Blog. TOTUS is also twittering, and right now as I write this has 1,605 followers. That is 1,605 more followers then Joe Biden's Teleprompter. Today TOTUS was answering some of Rush Limbaugh's Questions Here. For Some unfathomable reason Wikipedia has marked TOTUS's Wikipedia page for deletion.

This is so funny. And sure enough as soon as President Obama went off the teleprompter last night on Jay Leno, he committed a serious gaffe. I am sure Teleprompter is much more sensitive and quick on his feet and wouldn't have said something so dumb thoughtless.

Readers may recall the question arising as to what who Michelle Obama had in that brown bag on the Valentine's Day night out in Chicago. Now we know!

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Drug Cartel Related Violence Heating Up in USA

Cartel-related violence has moved well beyond American border towns.

"We don't have the violence they have in Mexico yet—the killing of police officers and the beheadings—but in terms of kidnappings and home invasions, it has come."
Border War

How violence from Mexico's drug trade affects the U.S.

By Eve Conant and Arian Campo-Flores | NEWSWEEK
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Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!!

St Patricks Day Glitter Graphics

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Tender, Juicy Obama Fingers Hit the Shelves

By Charles Hawley

A German frozen food company hopes to raise sales with a new product: Obama fingers. The tender, fried chicken bits come with a tasty curry sauce. The company says it was unaware of the possible racist overtones of the product.

Selling products has, of course, become a bit more difficult than usual these days. No wonder then that companies everywhere are turning to optimistic marketing messages in an effort to counteract the steady drum beat of negativity coming from front page headlines around the globe.


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Many sales executives have drawn the same conclusion: What better poster child for hope than US President Barack Obama? There are Obama dolls, Obama T-shirts, Obama soap-on-a-rope. There is even Obama thong underwear on offer.

Not wanting to miss the boat, a German food company has now gotten into the act. Sprehe, a company that has all manner of frozen delicacies on offer, has come up with a new product it calls "Obama Fingers." Far from being real digits, though, the "fingers" in question are "tender, juicy pieces of chicken breast, coated and fried," as the product packaging claims.

Fried chicken, in other words. With a curry dip.,1518,612684,00.html

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Populism; It's a Family Tradition

UPDATE: For an example of CNN's distortion of populism at yesterday's Tea Parties click here:

by Janet Crain
We hear that Sarah Palin is a Populist politician. And we are hearing about various Populism movements around the country such as "tea parties". But what does that really mean? What is Populism? Few know that Populism had its beginnings a few miles from where I live in 1878 in Lampasas county, TX. I am proud to state that I have a picture of two of my great grandfathers standing side by side at a Farmer's Alliance Meeting at Rockvale, Burnet county, TX in the early 1900's. The men, Henry Thomas Lewis and Meredith Holloway, were obviously friends although it would be almost a quarter century until their descendants (my parents) would forever unite the two families. And judging by the remarks my mother passed on to me made by her father, he too was a Populist. Needless to say some of this rubbed off on me.

The story belows shows a cabin still standing where the first Farmer's Alliance meetings were held and I don't doubt it had some connection. But I have also read that the little cabin where the Farmers Alliance was formed was taken apart and transported to the Chicago Worlds Fair, reassembled and put on display. At the conclusion of the Fair, the story goes, the cabin was parceled out in small pieces to those who wanted a memento of this historic cabin.

So I suppose you can take your choice.

Building a populist coalition in Texas, 1892-1896.

By: Miller, Worth Robert,Ulbig, Stacy G.
Publication: Journal of Southern History
Date: Thursday, May 1 2008

THAN A HALF CENTURY HAS PASSED SINCE C. VANN WOODWARD argued that the success of the People' s (or Populist) Party of the 1890s hinged on construction of three somewhat improbable coalitions of the dispossessed: southerners and westerners, farmers and laborers, and blacks and poor whites in the
South. (1) The rationale for such coalitions was that supposedly both the South and the West had colonial debtor economies in the 1890s, farmers and laborers shared a common status as producers, and blacks and poor southern whites frequently shared a marginal economic situation. But the counterinfluences of post-Civil War sectionalism, rural-urban jealousies, and racism also were particularly strong in the late-nineteenth-century South. Despite these impediments, Populists experienced substantial success in bringing Woodward's coalitions to fruition in Texas.

Building a movement of the dispossessed in the Lone Star State in the 1890s was fraught with many difficulties. Then as now, Texas was an exceptionally large and diverse state. It is more than eight hundred miles from Brownsville on the Mexican border to the northern edge of the semiarid expanses of the Texas Panhandle, and nearly as far from the Piney Woods of East Texas to El Paso

Of the ten major soil types commonly "recognized around the world, seven are found in abundance in Texas." (2) The state was nearly 85 percent rural in the 1890s. Yet cities as different as southern-white-evangelical-dominated Dallas and overwhelmingly ethnic San Antonio experienced significant growth in the late nineteenth century. (3) A mixture of whites from both the upper and the plantation South, as well as a significant black population, gave the state a southern ambience. But people of Mexican, German, Czech, and Polish heritage both mingled with the native-born population and formed distinctive cultural areas of their own. (4)

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In the past, where the term populism originates, specifically in a rustic cabin in Pleasant Valley, Lampasas County, Texas, in the year 1877, populism was not yet populism, it was merely an aggregation of hard scrabble farmers in west Texas fed up with being exploited by the merchants, the bankers, and the rail roads. They weren’t going to take it anymore. They were going to bring to life again what seemed to them to be the dying promise of the Constitution that proclaimed a new government by and for “we the people” to establish Justice and promote the general Welfare, among other laudable intents.

Populist was not a term these sweaty, raw boned farmers applied to themselves. They called themselves “The Farmer’s Alliance”. They were driven by the desire to create what we call today a “level playing field”.
PHOTO BY DAVID LOWE Gordon and Judy Chapin recently donated a conservation easement on their Gravel Hill Ranch, home to numerous animal and native plant species and to a cabin built in the 1880s. The Chapins believe the first owner of the cabin participated in the Farmer Alliance, which began meeting near Donalson Creek (in Lampasas County, TX) in 1877 and evolved into the national Populist Party.

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Is Bristol Palin fair game?

I am appalled at the leftist media and a couple of those on the right. How anyone can mock and use the tragedies of other people to have fun and/or boost their blog traffic is simply beyond me. A young couple have decided not to marry. They could change their minds. It is none of our business.

The stress they have been through makes this understandable. The media's constant interference even cost Levi Johnson his job. And I don't care if he didn't have his GED. That could have been remedied quickly. We have seen a parade of unqualified people fill highly paid federal and state positions and most continued to do so by fulfilling the requirement. This was just one young man taking on burdens far beyond his years.

This topic is so "hands off". I would feel the same if Bristol was Barack Obama's daughter or Hillary's. In fact I detested the tacky things said about 12 year old Chelsie. BTW, she has grown into a beautiful young woman.

One blogger told me Bristol and Tripp are fair game because Sarah Palin made them so when she threw them into the limelight.

Of course this makes no sense. Young and fragile helpless mothers and babies are never "fair game" and I really appreciate this blogger who is not a Palin supporter saying so.

Is Bristol Palin fair game?

March 13, 2:26 PM · 1 comment
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17 year old Bristol palin and son AP Photo/Fox News

It seems to be a little distasteful when the left leaning media, or the wacky left bloggers decide to attack a candidate’s family. Granted there are whacked out loons on the right who do the same thing, but are politicians family members really fair game? Is it ok to attack a 17 year old girl who is already going through an extremely difficult situation?

This is in the news right now since it became known this week that Bristol Palin, daughter of Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin, has broken up with her boyfriend and father of her baby.

Regardless of where one sits on the Sarah Palin issue, I for one happen to be on the fence, I feel attacking someone’s family is pretty classless. While I don’t really know how I feel about Palin, I do know that the McCain campaign made a huge mistake in picking her, and the proof of that is they got creamed in the election last fall.

Not knowing or not realizing what a publicity storm a teenage pregnancy was going to do to the campaign is the final mistake that sink the McCain ship. However I don’t think it is fair to continually attack Palin’s daughter.

I found this article from last September that kind of coincides with my thoughts on this. It is not ok to attack family members, attack the candidate all you want they asked for it by running but leave family members, especially the children out of it.

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