Friday, January 23, 2009

David Frum on How Republicans Can Regain Lost Power

by Janet Crain
David Frum says the Republicans can regain lost power if they only become more like Democrats.

His first premise below is refuted by the fact that John McCain beat Obama 74 to 25 percent among white Texas college students. That is a huge margin in a huge state. Yes, demographics are changing, but you know what, Hispanics don't necessarily vote Democratic. Hispanics are conservative with strong family values. And most blacks reject the same sex marriage thing and many reject abortion. An article in the same issue; The Lone Star State Stays Red by Evan Smith explains why he does not see Texas turning blue or even purple despite the influx of newcomers to the urban areas.


How the GOP Can Rise Again

There's no need to abandon basic Republican principles. Instead, just cool the scorched-earth rhetoric and focus on reclaiming the educated middle class.
By David Frum NEWSWEEK
Published Jan 17, 2009

A generation ago, the great majority of the most educated Americans voted Republican. The elder George Bush, for instance, defeated Michael Dukakis among college graduates by 25 points. But that advantage has been eroding, and last year Barack Obama became the first Democrat since Lyndon Johnson to win a majority of American voters with four years of higher education.
This is no small bloc, especially within white America, where Republicans do best. Almost one third of white Americans hold a college degree, up from one fifth in 1990. Republicans cannot win without this growing group. To recover them, we need to do four things:

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