Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Hands Tell the Story

For some time I have thought about how no mention has been made about Barack Obama ever having a part-time job in High School or College or in fact ever doing any manual labor of any kind in his life.

For some reason, I just don't think such privileged characters can ever understand the people of America who do work. I admired Sarah Palin for working alongside her husband on their fishing boat in freezing temperatures. I admired her for being able to kill and clean a moose. I want someone like that in the White House. Someone with great intelligence and leadership who has lived in the real word.

Quite frankly, someone who is so exhausted from finishing college he has to take a six month vacation in Bali, Thailand is not inspiring to me. Oh, yes, he was finishing his book.

The hands we should admire are of the people whose blood sweat and tears built this country. Not the sissified hands of a man who in another time would be called a dandy.

Look at the hands of a real man:

From the Doris Ullman Collection "Appalachian Laborer Hands" at Berea College.

© Janet Crain

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