Saturday, January 24, 2009

Soothsaying in the Twenty First Century

Not since the Elizabethan Age has so much dependance in portents and signs been relied upon by those who should know better.

We are told that Martin Luther King Jr. prophesized a black president would be elected in 40 years and it came to pass. But a quick google search reveals it was Robert Kennedy who said this. An interviewer from BBC asked Martin Luther King Jr. in 1964 if he agreed with what Robert Kennedy had said. Martin Luther King Jr. says yes he does and, in fact this should occur in 25 to 40 years. Obviously it did not. It has actually been 45 years since this was said. And neither man was a prophet or else King would have avoided the Lorraine Motel, and Kennedy would have given up his political ambitions.

Then we hear that the crash and miraculous rescue of all persons aboard a jet on Friday before the Inaugruation is some sort of sign that Obama's presidency will be successful. I am sure the passengers did not appreciate the freezing dip in the Hudson to promote the coming bearer of hope and change.

And then it really gets silly with sites like this who advise:


These prophetic claims are being used to bolster the importance of Barack Obama's election as if he came to fulfill a prophecy.

Pure unadultrated bunkum.

© Janet Crain

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SpeakDog said...

The girl who does my nails thinks that Nostradamus predicted the rise of Obama, but that he is, in fact, a destroyer of this country.

So, for every goofy positive prophecy regarding Obama, there's an equal number of goofy negative prophecies to match.

Personally, I think his Foreign and Economic policy are quite enough to justify deep-seated fear for the future.

keyboard.jockey said...


It isn't just me is it. This is more of the Camelot model...creating myth. It is like Barack Obama is a Tailor's dummy, and assorted people come by and attach or pin their fantasy's to the Tailor's work in progress:) Why? Because that is how Obama won, he left himself vague on purpose so people could project onto him, and they have. The latest is assigning any happenings around his inauguration to portents and signs. I don't think they are doing him any favors, and people need to remember something, there was no INTERNET after the Kennedy Administration. Jackie would have had a harder time, like her daughter has of late of creating Fantasy out of current events...Caroline Kennedy endorsing Obama, the extension of Camelot, then she cruise into Hillary Clinton's vacated Senate Seat. But that didn't happen....that was then and this is now. Jackie, a widow's deep sorrow for her loss, and her need to preserve her husband's legacy. It never ends! I can't believe that Peggy Noonan, chided the Republicans for insisting on using Narrative during the campaign, and just giving the Democrats a pass.

keyboard.jockey said...

Then Of Course there is always astrology lets not forget that it was written in the stars LOL!