Friday, January 9, 2009

Blagojevich Outdoes his Previous Grandstanding Behavior at Press Conferance Today

Chicago governor Blagojevich just outdid himself in outrageous behavior. He scheduled a press conference and after an anxious wait by reporters he was preceeded to the front of the room by several persons. He then arrived considerably later, walked in as if he had been voted the most popular man in America and began a long rambling speech about why the Illinois House has voted to impeach him. According to Blagojevich it is because he helped enact legislation that helped the people on stage with him when they were desperately ill. He told about the circumstances of each person's illness and the specific legislation that saved their life. After each one he said; "And that is why the House wants to impeach me."

The man is clearly a megalomaniac.

It was theater at its best and worst.


© Janet Crain

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