Wednesday, January 7, 2009

CNN Scrubs Sarah Palin's Name From Insulting Article

by Janet Crain
As reported here CNN published an article about failed and discredited politicians in 2008 and included Sarah Palin in with rogues like Blagojevich, Spitzer, and John Edwards. The anonymous hack who came up with this dumb idea has now scrubbed her name from the article. No public apology, but reportedly CNN did send Governor Palin a private apology. Thanks to all who wrote letters to CNN.

CNN quietly scrubs Palin’s name from article
Posted by Josh Painter
Monday, January 5th at 5:51PM EST
CNN must have felt the love. The cable news network had included Sarah Palin with the likes of Rod Blagojevich, Elliot Spitzer, John Edwards, Ted Stevens and others in a year-end political review titled “Politicians who fell from grace in 2008.” As frequent RedState contributor Warner Todd Huston had pointed out at, every person named in the article, with the exception of Sarah Palin:

“have either been convicted of criminal actions, are indicted for corruption, lost their positions, been drummed out of their party, or are soon to face jail time.”
That there was no reason for Gov. Palin’s name to be associated with those of the seven criminals featured in the article seems to have been clear to everyone except the anonymous author of the CNN smear job.

© Janet Crain

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