Thursday, January 1, 2009

Consolation Prize for a Failed Marriage or Bauble for Bored Socialite???

In last month's front-page story exploring Caroline Kennedy’s name recognition in her bid for New York’s vacant Senate seat, The New York Times made an observation: “Ms. Kennedy, who declared last week that she would like to succeed Hillary Rodham Clinton as the junior senator from New York, is in many ways embarking on a test of the enduring power of her politically royal name.”

That is certainly true, but over the years Caroline has been called Ms. Schlossberg more often than anything else in spite of the fact she kept her own surname. Technically, Caroline Bouvier Kennedy’s name is…Caroline Bouvier Kennedy, or “Caroline Kennedy” for short: (“You don’t use the name Schlossberg, do you?” Larry King asked her in a 2002 interview. “I mean, you do and you don’t.” To which she responded, “Right. Well, I never really changed my name.”)

Because, as Amy Holmes declared on CNN, “Let’s face it, if we were talking about Caroline Schlossberg, this conversation would be absurd.”

For the record, Ms. Bouvier Kennedy Princess Camelot Mrs. Schlossberg Ms. Kennedy Caroline is still married to Edwin Schlossberg. Though there is much speculation that they have led separate lives since 2006. Additionally, although Ms. Kennedy made a pointed remark that she "has raised her children", her youngest is 15.

Gossip has it that she is having an affair with Arthur "Pinch" Salzberg but you won't read about it in the New York Times for the very good reason that Salzberger is the NYT publisher. JC

Times Bars Note on Caroline's Rumored Affair With Publisher
Posted Dec 22, 08 3:45 AM CST in Politics, Gossip

(Newser) – The New York Times will report almost anything newsworthy—except a rumored affair between its publisher and Caroline Kennedy, Gawker reports. When a reader commented on the paper’s City Room blog wondering if the Times would address the gossip surrounding the two, the comment was deleted with the explanation that “We don’t report stuff like this, regardless of people involved.”

Uh, sure.

“It’s very relevant that someone who wants one of the highest political offices in the state is in a romantic relationship with the publisher of the most influential newspaper in the state,” said the deleted post.

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1 comment:

SpeakDog said...

Ha... they "don't report stuff like that"?

I guess that's true. Instead of reporting stuff that actually happens, they just make up stuff about Republicans out of thin air.

Which is why they are now being sued by Vicki Iseman.