Monday, January 19, 2009

Offensive eBay Auction is Baaaaaack!!!!

Yesterday we reported that the items; mannequin and noose, used in the San Francisco Halloween Hanging in Effigy of Sarah Palin incident were being offered on eBay. Many of you responded to this very offensive auction and contacted eBay with your objections. It looked as if we were successful when the auction was removed. But this AM, the auction is back on, carefully reworded.

I have objected at eBay again. When you report the item number, just put the number. I am afraid adding your objections causes it to go unrecorded. At least that is what happened to me this morning.

Go Here to report:

NEW Number to report:

330302076555 (subject to change as the seller constantly relists)

Note the seller says:

"With all original pieces. "

That tells me the noose from the original auction is included.

Sarah Palin's victimization fits into three of the criteria for the object of a hate crime: gender, religion, and political affiliation.

I also reported this to PayPal.

What is PayPal's policy regarding payments for goods and services that may promote hate, violence, or intolerance?
Question :
Answer :
PayPal is a worldwide company with account holders in many countries where the possession or sale of certain items associated with hate organizations is a criminal offense. To determine what goods and services should be prohibited, PayPal carefully considers the following factors:
The promotion or glorification of hate, violence, or intolerance because of a person's race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, gender, disability, or sexual orientation
Any graphic portrayal of violence or victims of violence
*Previous activity associated with the account holder *
Any transactions that involve financial exploitation of a crime

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Oh Crap said...

They're not from San Francisco----get your antigay stereotypes right.