Friday, May 22, 2009

Why Does Wanda Sykes Get a Pass?

From Eric

Wanda Sykes is a black, female, lesbian, liberal. Rush Limbaugh is a white, male, heterosexual, conservative. Therefore, his criticism of Barack Obama’s policies are considered hate speech, while her calling Rush a murderer who she wished death upon is considered comedy.

I personally have never had any major objections to Wanda Sykes. I find her humor tasteless, but nothing more. Her skit about tying the feet of black quarterbacks so they would stop running around may have been the death knell for the once brilliant program “Inside the NFL,” but by then the show was already in free fall.

Yet suppose I were to remark that as punishment for her poor humor and caustic comments, she should be waterboarded or hung from the nearest tree. I would be branded a racist, a sexist, and a bigot. I might be arrested and charged with plotting a hate crime. The reason for this is because there is nothing funny or humorous about killing somebody.

Yet liberals fail to respect this view.

Jon Stewart and other comedians have referred to George W. Bush as a war criminal. Leftist radio personalities joke about raping Laura Bush and Condoleezza Rice. “Abort Sarah Palin” t-shirts are trendy among Democrats on college campuses. Miss California Carrie Prejean was verbally and emotionally violated by Perez Hilton, who feels that spreading ideological bigotry is the way to spread tolerance of his own lifestyle.

Now Rush Limbaugh is being Garofaloed by Wanda Sykes.

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