Monday, May 18, 2009

Notre Dame Disgraces its Itself

by Janet Crain
One professor says it is more important that his student do things like help rebuild homes for Katrina victims to show that they are "pro-life", but I say if his students rebuild the entire city of New Orleans with fabulous skyscrapers and a beautiful home for everyone to live in, and have not LOVE for the unborn it is but a sounding of brass, or a tinkling cymbal .

<<1 Corinthians 13-1>>

Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.

And I am reminded that when Henry David Thoreau went to jail to protest slavery, Ralph Waldo Emerson visited him and asked; “Why are you here?” to which Thoreau replied; “Why are you not here?”

How many of us would go to jail for our beliefs?

19 arrested at Notre Dame protest against Obama

The story

Nineteen demonstrators were arrested at the University of Notre Dame on Saturday as they protested against President Obama's scheduled commencement speech Sunday, campus police said.

The protesters were not students and they were arrested for trespassing when they stepped on the campus, which is private property, Notre Dame police spokesman Dennis Brown told CNN Radio.

Obama's plan to address the university's 2009 graduating class on Sunday has touched off a firestorm. At issue are the president's pro-choice abortion beliefs, which run counter to the Catholic Church's official anti-abortion stance, and his support for federal funding of stem-cell research. Read full article »

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Dave said...

Where is the outcry from the catholic church when innocent children are being slaughtered in the middle east?

Why after WW2 did the Catholic church help hide Nazi war criminals in South America?

Are you aware that the Pope in all his glory was a Nazi Youth as a child?

Why is the Catholic church plagued with so many pedophiles in their clergy?

I am sure you will have some slick, insulting comment that is off topic but that is expected of you Janet.

Anonymous said...

Where is the outcry from the catholic church when their own university is having people arrested for standing up for catholic doctrine??

What is ironic is that it had to be the president of Notre Dame, father jenkins, who had these people arrested. Disgusting really, especially the 80 year old priest.

Anonymous said...

POTUS himself said he wanted open hearts, open minds, and fair-minded words. He also said he "wanted each side to continue to make its case to the public with passion and conviction."

Not too open hearted, open minded or fair-minded to have those who disagree with you arrested.

Dave said...

Obama did not ask that anyone be arrested.
The officers warned the protesters that if they continued their march they would be arrested. The protesters continued in their zombie like fashion and were taken into custody as warned not unlike the republican convention of 2004 in New York City when protesters were arrested for peaceful anti war protests at ground zero.

Anonymous said...

It is not against the law to walk around. They were arrested because the President of Notre Dame asked that they be arrested for coming on private property - otherwise the police would not have been there. What does that make the President of Notre Dame? The Pope should remove him for having catholics and priests arrested for stepping on unviersity grounds which they have financed.

I'm just saying that what he was saying and what was happening is diametrically opposed. I think he could have asked "father jenkins" not to have anyone arrested for peaceful assembly. You think?

Something is wrong with this picture.

Anonymous said...

I mean Obama could have asked that "father jenkins" not have anyone arrested for peaceful protest.

Dave said...

I agree with you but when addressing the subject matter it does not surprise me that the most politically motivated religious sect in the united states would allow something like this to happen in order to gain the attention it has.
Not to say they let it happen and it certainly did not hurt.