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Communists in the House..................

The Obama File 73: “Weather Alert! Obama’s ‘Green Jobs’ Czar Linked to Former Terrorist Supporters?” by Trevor Loudon, posted April 8, 2009, on his blog, The New Zeal, is cross-posted at RBO with the author’s permission. Loudon’s first Obama File was posted January 12, 2008.

Trevor writes:

During last year’s presidential election, Barack Obama was quizzed over his connections to former Weather Underground terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dorhn.


Obama tried to downplay the significance of his ties to the radical couple and told America that their crimes occurred when he was only “eight years old”.

jones-van-2Now it turns out that Van Jones (right), president Obama’s newly appointed “Green Jobs” Czar (Special Advisor for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation at the White House Council on Environmental Quality) may also have a little Weather Underground influence in his background.

While Jones is even younger than Obama, the connections may still have serious security implications.

Van Jones was, until around 2002, a leader of a Bay Area communist sect Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary movement (STORM). It seems that Jones was also linked to or influenced, to some degree, by two former Weather Underground supporters, Bay Area activists Jon and Nancy Frappier.

frappier-dianaFurther more Jones was for several years very closely linked to another Bay Area activist Diana Frappier (left), who is almost certainly related to Jon and Nancy Frappier.

Bay Area lawyer Diana Frappier has been a leftist activist since she was at university in the early 1990s. While not an identified member of STORM, Frappier worked within the organization’s “orbit” for several years. Jones and Frappier ran anti police organization CopWatch, then in 1996 set up the Oakland California based Ella Baker Center for Human Rights:

    Diana has proudly supported the organization’s growth from a small-scale operation of one full-time staff into a grassroots powerhouse…While she is not focused on the Ella Baker Center, she is operating a private community criminal defense practice, and serving on the boards of Bay Area non-profits Machen Center and TURF (Together United Recommitted Forever.) This San Francisco native is also a real estate broker, supporting activists and other members of her community to empower themselves through homeownership.

baker-ellaThe Ella Baker Center is named after little known civil rights firebrand Ella J Baker (left) (1903/1986). Baker worked closely with communists for years including secret party member Stanley Levison, for many years the CPUSA’s top money man.

Why did Van Jones and Diana Frappier name their center after Ella J Baker?

Here is one possible reason.

By the 1970s Ella Baker was involved with several far left organizations of the time including the Mass Party Organising Committee and the Puerto Rican Support Committee. Both groups were close to the Praire Fire Organizing Committee (PFOC), the “legal” support network for the Weather Underground.

PFOC, led by Bernardine Dorhn’s sister, Jennifer, organized a large gathering conference in January 1976 in Chicago. The “Hard Times” conference was designed by the Weather Underground to unite the US far left into a new communist party.

The Black Panthers were invited as were the Socialist Workers Party, the Workers World Party, the marxist-leninist Puerto Rican Socialist Party, the Puerto Rican Support Group and the Mass Party Organizing Committee.

Below is a partial list of Hard times attendees taken from the 1982 book on the Weather Underground, Outlaws of Amerika (p33).


Note the names Jennifer Dohrn, PFOC National Committee; Ella J Baker, MPOC&PRSC; and Nancy Barnett (Frappier) Bay Area PFOC.

Could this be the connection?

frappier-nancyNancy Frappier (right) may have been more than PFOC. According to the FBI’s Weather Underground file she was associated with many WUO members and her car was parked outside the Weathermen’s December 1969 “War Council” at Flint Michigan. In 1971 the FBI also observed Jennifer Dohrn visiting Frappier’s home in San Francisco.

The FBI also suspected that Nancy Frappier travelled to Cuba in February 1970.

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