Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pardon Me, May I Break In?

by Janet Crain
California is broke as we all know. In fact, the rest of the nation may have to bail out this prolifigate spender. Now the latest from that la la land is that they may have to release 25% of their prisoners in order to comply with a ruling that they aren't providing good enough medical care (although they spend an average of $1400 per month per prisoner) and they must attend to the prisoners' recreation and spiritual needs with full court basketball facilities, electronic bingo parlors, aroma therapy and yoga.
I kid you not!!!!

"SACRAMENTO -- California's attorney general asked a federal appeals court Wednesday to block what he described as an extravagant spending proposal for prison medical facilities.

The Legislature has refused to act on the request for $8 billion made by the court-appointed receiver overseeing overhaul of California's prison health care system. Receiver J. Clark Kelso is seeking an immediate $250 million as a down payment.

In his court filing, Attorney General Jerry Brown argued that a federal judge cannot order the money from the state treasury without violating federal law and state sovereignty.

Brown also criticized the receiver's spending proposal, saying it has not been subject to proper review. He said the plan includes regulation-size basketball courts, electronic bingo boards, music and art therapy rooms, and landscaping to hide fences.

Brown cited additional amenities in a news release accompanying his court filing, including yoga rooms and horticulture therapy, that were included in an earlier draft from the receiver's office.
Like I said, the objective is to goldplate and Constitutionalize resort like conditions as a way to get all the violent felons released. That's the liberal goal, and has been for decades.

That way they will have room for gun owners and cigarette smokers."

© Janet Crain

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