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Liar, Liar!!! Pants Suit on Fire!!!

Hat Tip: Don
by Janet Crain

What Did She Know and When Did She Know It?
Remember, in 2002 Pelosi wasn't just another of the 435 members of the House but was in fact the ranking Democratic member on the House Intelligence Committee, and as such, was one of 4 members of Congress to get these classified briefings about what the CIA was up to.

This is not the first time Ms. Pelosi has been driven by her own hubris to make a disastrous move. She would pull the entire house of cards Democratic Party down on her head rather than keep her mouth shut and be thought a crook, she insists on removing all doubt!!!


"House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says that she was misled by the CIA on waterboarding. She spent eight years complaining about how dumb President Bush was and the minute she's in trouble, she says he fooled her." - Jay Leno

Washington Post:

Nancy Pelosi is a woman of many talents. Yesterday, she performed the delicate art of backtracking while walking sideways.

The speaker of the House had just read a statement accusing the CIA of lying and was trying to beat a hasty retreat from her news conference before reporters could point out contradictions between her current position and her previous statements.
“Thank you!” an aide called out to signal an end to the session. Pelosi walked, sideways, away from the lectern and, still sidling in a sort of crab walk, was halfway to the door when a yell from CNN’s Dana Bash, rising above the rest of the shouting, froze her in the aisle. …

Over the next few minutes of shouted questions — “They lied to you? Were you justified? When were you first told? Did you protest? Why didn’t you tell us?” — the speaker attempted the crab-walk retreat again, returned to the lectern again and then finally skittered out of the room.

AP – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of Calif. is seen on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, May 14, 2009. Earlier …

WASHINGTON – The head of the CIA defended the agency Friday against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's charge that she was misled in 2002 about the use of waterboarding, but he said it ultimately is up to Congress to decide where the truth lies.

"Let me be clear. It is not our policy or practice to mislead Congress," CIA Director Leon Panetta wrote in a message to agency employees that was released to the public. "That is against our laws and our values."

Referring to Pelosi's remarks, he said, "The political debate over interrogation reached a new decibel level yesterday."

Panetta's rebuttal was far more muted that a counterattack the Republicans unleashed against Pelosi.

"I think her accusations against our terror-fighters are irresponsible and, according to the CIA's record, Speaker Pelosi was briefed on what had been done," said Sen. Kit Bond of Missouri, the senior Republican on the Senate Intelligence Committee. "It's outrageous that a member of Congress would call our terror-fighters liars."

Pelosi drew the criticism a day after opening her weekly news conference with a prepared statement accusing agency briefers of misleading her in 2002 in connection with the use of waterboarding, an interrogation technique that simulates drowning.

In the statement, she repeated that she was not told that waterboarding had been used, even though it had been, and said an aide informed her of its use after other lawmakers had been briefed in 2003.

Pelosi has been the target of a campaign orchestrated in recent days by the House Republican leadership, which is eager to undercut her statements as well as stick Democrats with partial responsibility for the use of waterboarding in the Bush administration.

Some Democrats have expressed surprise that she chose to inject herself more deeply into the controversy, especially at a time when President Barack Obama enjoys widespread public support and Republicans are suffering extremely low approval ratings. Associates of the California Democrat say she decided it was an error to allow Republican attacks to go unanswered any longer.

At the White House, spokesman Robert Gibbs decided to stay out of the controversy. "I appreciate the invitation to get involved but I'll decline to R.S.V.P.." He said the president wanted to look forward, not back.



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keyboard.jockey said...

We really need a pool you know how long does she have left will she just have to resign from the Speaker position or leave public office altogether will she take the hint or will it take an investigation to oust her? She doesn't have long I have watched the MSM get saturated with a message before like Imus and NHH. Nancy know what happens if any of her colleagues smell blood in the water. This will be in the news cycle all weekend.

History Chaser said...

"Blood in the water" I love that! The media is a ever tightening circle of sharks poised to attack. She sacrificed herself...for what?

Anonymous said...

It's interesting to watch how some are defending her. I have heard "Nancy Pelosi has more integrity in her little finger than Cheney and Bush...." blah, blah, blah to "does it really matter?" Some are even willing to take on the CIA in order to excuse her. Pretty sad. I believe in loyalty, but there is a limit. And I would hate to see the viciousness that would appear if the situation was turned around and it was a republican woman or man for that matter. Especially the "women's groups" who I am sure would step forward to defend a woman, as they have done so many times before. (sarc)

There's such a thing as a bald-faced lie, as in "I never had sex with that woman" and "I was not, not told about waterboarding or any of these other enhanced techniques."

But maybe the MSM actually will force her out -- but I'm not holding my breath. After all, she's a democrat.

Is there a blue dress anywhere??

keyboard.jockey said...


That's the problem she won't sacrifice herself it isn't in her nature. Who knows how many she will take down with her? Last time I looked she was of Italian Descent? Seems like vendetta would be in her vocab :) Time to pop the corn, this should be good watching her come up with the latest reason she was lied to by the non lying C.I.A. who according to their head Leon Pennetta was entirely truthful.

Fox News just now, She is trying to make amends, she meant they were liars in the political sense that they served under the Bush Administration...this woman is so far gone into Politico land she can't see the reality shore anymore.

Anonymous said...

Maybe that Botox has reached the brain. :)

keyboard.jockey said...


Remember what happened to Imus when they targeted him it was a polticial hit. Just saying Nancy Pelosi doesn't look like she is getting any help from the MSM. How can they spin her calling the C.I.A. liars? This probably isn't hurting any of their ratings. I wonder if they would keep the pressure on her in the news cycle just for ratings...what am I saying I'm not wondering LMAO!

keyboard.jockey said...

Back Peddling but I think the damage has been done, and she can't save face, this will make her look weak. She only meant that the C.I.A. would lie when they served under a Republican President like Bush...this woman might be under the influence of something does she drink? I mean alcohol. I just assume she drinks blood :)

Anonymous said...

Speaking of lies and liars. Just don't say Olbermann and Maddow had fight. He will call you a liar in a NY minute.

And he mourned his mother's death by?

Going to a couple baseball games. How sweet.

Anonymous said...

Headline: ""MSNBC in disarray""

How sweet it is!!

I see the links don't turn out??

keyboard.jockey said...


I am being kind when I only refer to KO as a media ho'er really that is the nicest thing I can think of to call him. It's probably the pet name Maddow gave him:) He is a narcissist.

Bella I just copy and paste them in the address bar they work.

keyboard.jockey said...


I read those comments on MSNBC in disarray, those people were really defending Olbermann? Are they getting paid because if they are I'm sure it isn't enough :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I didn't know that cut and paste method.

But...but...but the Speaker of the House tells a lie, an untruth -- I heard someone say she mis-remembered, :) can't worry too much about that when we have Miss California to catch in a lie. :)

Jamie said...

Why is it more important to know what Nancy knew and when did she know it than to know who tortured and lied about it to get us into a phony war?

Anonymous said...

Let's give them all lie detector tests, and if we find out anybody has lied we can give that person a medal.

Anonymous said...

Or persons.

keyboard.jockey said...


You think the Democrats are clean and innocent? They're not they just used partisan politics to get their chance at the big chair. What did Nancy know and when did she know it, and why is it important. Because if she knew it was all a sham, she should have spoken up back when it happened. Why didn't she, her words "Politics" if she was opposed to what happened, nothing was stopping her from opposing it, exposing it, and speaking out against it. A phony war- hardly we have lost a lot of real American people in a real war. But than everyone blamed the C.I.A. for lying about that intelligence too. Interesting when something is politically expedient the politicians blame the C.I.A.

Stick said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
History Chaser said...

Keep sucking that Koolaide, stick boy.

I bet you think there's a big check from Obama in the mail.

Stick said...

Actually I don't need a handout from anyone, I am one of those elitists you shake your head about.
Keep supporting Palin.. She is a redneck joke that never gets old.

History Chaser said...

It's Friday night.......have you no life, but to cruise blogs and mock people?

No kidding, it's my blog. I'll delete your comments and put this blog on moderation any time I want to.

Get lost.

keyboard.jockey said...

Obots they don't have lives they live to worship the "One"