Sunday, May 24, 2009

Poor Bill Maher.......

Poor Bill Maher... He doesn't have a Republican Administration to mock anymore. He is at his wit's end which isn't very long anyway trying to find something his audience will laugh at. Perhaps it will dawn on him he never was funny. Except for his ridiculous hair style.

© Janet Crain

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keyboard.jockey said...

The bottom line is Bill Maher is a Hedonist, and he is a spokesperson for the hedonist lifestyle. Do religious people support hedonist lifestyles?
Uh nope.

He uses the invoking of the name Satan by Miss California, to attack the premise of Good and Evil. He isn't as bright as he pretends to be by a long shot but that's okay he fits in where he lives.

I agree with him about the Politically Correct Speech, and he has been back on Imus in the Morning. When his uber liberal coward brethren, who had availed themselves of Imus's format on MSNBC deserted Imus, like rats on a sinking ship.

When I listen to the cheap shots made by comedians like Bill Maher. I have two categories, I place them in "Sinkers" or "Floaters" LOL!

SpeakDog said...

Maher is the personification of the smug liberal sterotype.

He's completely lost without Republicans to mock.

Although he presents himself as a brave, cutting-edge speaker of truth to power, in reality he is a coward of little imagination.

Anonymous said...

Exactly! No one laughed because his joke was not new and wasn't funny.