Friday, May 1, 2009

President Obama warns of ‘cataclysmic hurricanes’ despite evidence to the contrary

UPDATE: According to this book; Hurricanes and Typhoons: Past, Present, and Future
by Richard J. Murnane (Editor), Kam-biu Liu (Editor)

"Paleotempestology is an emerging field of science that studies past tropical cyclone activity mainly through the use of geological proxy techniques..."

A study of the past 5,000 years reveals the past 1.000 years to have been relatively quiet.

by Janet Crain
As an amateur student of History and Weather Patterns, I have found many instances of terrible cataclysmic hurricanes occurring 500 years ago and more.

The Eastern Seaboard was battered every year by these hurricanes in the 1580's. The fate of the New World suffered many changes brought about by this unpredictable weather. The English could barely establish a toehold in the New World for many years. And Spain lost lives and tons of silver and gold as hurricanos broke up their ships and sent them to the Atlantic Graveyard.

And one of the worst hurricanes ever destroyed Galveston Island on September 9th, 1900. It was much more powerful than Katrina. Katrina was destructive in its financial cost in 2005 dollar amounts.

This has been twisted into a statement that Katrina was the most destructive hurricane ever. Hardly!

And there was no manmade Global Warming then. Al Gore has created Global Warming to cash in on his investments and speaking engagements.

And our president is playing right into his hands. If you know a 4th grader tell them, weather has always been completely unpredictable. Constantly changing due to cyclic patterns and many other influences.
You're now looking at huge, cataclysmic hurricanes, complete changes in weather patterns. - President Barack Obama

April 30, 5:21 PM
Citing a long disproven theory of 'cataclysmic hurricanes,' President Barack Obama pushed for action to battle manmade climate change and global warming. During a town hall meeting prior to his primetime press conference Wednesday, the president offered a dire global weather forecast to mark his 100th day in office.

During the town hall a student asked, “I'm a fourth grader. I was curious, how is your administration planning to be more environmentally friendly?”

President Obama’s response started by making mention of the need for responsible environmental measures such as land and forest management. He said, “there's nothing wrong with us cutting down some trees for timber, as long as you make sure that it's done in a sequence and is spaced properly so that the forest itself is sustained.” He continued saying, “there's a balance that can be struck, and the key principle is sustainability.”

When his reply moved on to climate change, he issued a dire prediction saying, “You're now looking at huge, cataclysmic hurricanes, complete changes in weather patterns.”

© Janet Crain

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