Sunday, May 31, 2009

Me Patti, You ..........Blago???

by Janet Crain

Patti Blagojevich claims she is doing this Summer reality show to resurrect her reputation as something other than a foul mouthed Chicago girl. Well, I hope she doesn't encounter a 27 foot boa constrictor. We may find out we ain't heard nothing yet.

Ex-governor Blagojevich was not permitted to travel to Costa Rica to appear in a reality television show but, his wife, Patti is stepping up to the plate and appearing in his place. She arrived in Los Angeles for a promotional shoot earlier this week.

Rod is facing federal corruption charges for scheming to trade or sell President Obama’s U.S. Senate seat and using his position as governor to procure campaign contributions from companies dealing with state business.

He was banned by a federal judge to participate in the NBC show, “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here” as he has no passport. Supposedly, he will be connected to the show in a “surprise” manner. NBC explains the show as being about “10 pampered celebrities dumped into the jungle to see if they survive.”

However, Blagojevich is permitted to travel around the country and flew to Los Angeles in April to do a promo for the show. He simulated a parachute jump using wind machines while wearing a harness and lifted in front of a blank green ChromaKey screen.

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