Saturday, April 18, 2009

What an Elitist Country We Now Live In

The Left does not care about you, peasants
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Rolling Stone political reporter Matt Taibbi confesses ignorance in a piece titled, “The peasant mentality lives on in America”:

It took a good long while for news of the Teabag movement to penetrate the periphery of my consciousness — I kept hearing things about it and dismissing them, sure that the whole business was some kind of joke. Like a Daily Show invention, say. It pains me to say this as an American, but we are the only people on earth dumb enough to use a nationwide campaign of “teabag parties” as a form of mass protest, in the middle of a real economic crisis.

On the other hand Pelosi thinks the Tea Party participants were among the wealthiest people in the USA.

So I suppose you can take your pick. Neither opinion is worth a tinker's dam.

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Lee Hazel said...

What unimaginable drivel Ms Pelosi. The people that were at the Tea Parties, were for the most part, real live taxpayers, a trait that seems to be in great scarcity in the District of Corruption aka WDC.

Just how much more grass roots can you get given that these are the "bill payers" who among other things pay your bloated and under-earned salary and benefits.

Could it be that your definition of the "grass roots' are defined by the "code pinks" and other upstanding examples of what is "left" in America from your district. The one's whose primary use is to return your sorry countenance to Congress time and disgusting time?

Or maybe it is the "under-class" of feckless blacks that you far-left liberals, other liberals, the unions, our education sytem, and the bulk of the black leadership have systematically created. This by pushing them further and further into the God awful rut we call urban America of today. Replete with street gangs, bad schools, no jobs, abortion clinics on every corner and narcotics traffickers everywhere. Are these by chance, your version of "Grass Roots".

Lady, you make me very, very ashamed of the House you mortify by your very presence. Yes and you count yourself among the "Elite" who "rule" by a system that is quickly becoming "fuedal" at its roots. Your sick.

PC is Thought Control

Laree said...

that's correct if you don't have class envy you must have peasant mentality stands to reason 2 = 2 = 5 Progressive math. Below post Matt Taibbi's peasant mentality. I had no idea he came from American Nobility/Aristocracy?

keyboard.jockey said...


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