Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Find Your Nearest Tea Party Location

Click here to find your nearest Tea Party Locations,-96.679687&spn=27.495109,57.128906&z=4&source=embed

MSM plans to ignore the Tea Parties:

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keyboard.jockey said...

I keep reading the Tea Partys are racist…really how? That is the
left blogosphere, this is the new era of race relations in America? Yes
Our Elected Officials are Dishonest, isn’t this a big duh moment check
out what Vice President Joe Biden, it is Patriotic to pay taxes has said lately, blatant lies. No this
isn’t a race thing, no matter who the President is, this is an AMERICAN
THING. I think Logistic Monster on City Tavern blog, put it very well in,
This is Your Come To Jesus Moment Post. This isn’t about Political

Tax Day for me, I get to Bail Out GM. Apparently I get to pay for an
auto, I never get to take possession of or ever drive. What is the
protest about- The Bail Outs, the out of control Government Spending.
Newsflash it is Tax Payer Money NOT politician’s money being spent. The
people we elected to public office our public servants are raiding the
Public’s Cookie Jar, and leaving I.O.U. Tea & Cookies

keyboard.jockey said...


I put the video up here everyone needs to see the contempt of the Democratic Party of every day regular Americans.

This Video should go viral, really this is person towing the party line and is completely clueless to the sentiment in this country. I know people think this is a Republican or a Conservative movement, there are plenty of Americans that don’t fit into those categories that are joining tea parties.

John's Space said...

The test for racism with respect to disagreement with Obama policies is simple: would our attitude be different if a white liberal were president and doing the same thing? The answer is a an obvious no! Think of our reactions to Ted Kennedy or Bill Clinton.

John's Space