Friday, April 24, 2009

Are We Stumbling into a 100 Year War?

by Janet Crain
Here is a blogger who voted for Obama, believing his promise to end the War in Iraq and whatever he said about Afghanistan. He realizes now that it was all a lie. And wonders if we will ever end these wars?

And so do I.
Cindy Sheehan, where are you? Not camped out on Obama's lawn, that's for sure.

Obama has endangered us immeasurably by releasing the CIA papers and photos to come of Military Personnel. He is tying their hands, and threatening to prosecute them in the future, tried to make them provide health insurance coverage for their War injuries and he is sending them into the jaws of Hell in Afghanistan.

How long before the rest of his supporters wake up like this man?

Obama Establishing A State of Permanent Warfare

Diary Entry by Alfred McGuire

If we don't oppose Obama, the wars will go on forever.


And to think I voted for him for many reasons, but primarily to end quickly the state of chronic warfare to which this country has succumbed

Ending the wars? He is not doing it. And he appears to have no intention to do so. Progressives, including myself, have to stop their tendency to deny the obvious where Obama is concerned. He is not only repeating Bush’s policies. He’s out-doing Bush, particularly with regard to Afghanistan. And in Iraq he is prolonging the war and leaving himself plenty of leeway to engineer an endless occupation, in other words endless war. Why is he pursuing this course and why have progressives, even anti-war groups been so silent about what can only be termed Obama’s betrayal of their goals and principles?

I have no definitive answer- only questions:

- Is his apparent readiness to accede to the interests of the military-industrial complex by engaging in profitable ( to them ) ongoing warfare part of his deal to win the presidency? How much in campaign start-up monies and subsequent contributions did he receive from weapons manufacturers and other war-related industries and suppliers? We need to start getting the tally on this.

- Does he share Bush’s fantasy that he can prove himself to be a “great” president by utilizing warfare to win imperialist domination in the region? Have the generals convinced him that he can do it?

- Is David Gergen’s assessment correct; namely, that Obama doesn’t want to be the one to end the wars for fear that he’ll be blamed for any subsequent problems that might arise in the region- which might prove detrimental to his re-election campaign? Is continued and expanded death and destruction little more to him than an adjunct to his political career? In that case, we voted for nothing less than a man of diminished conscience and we had better acknowledge that unpleasant fact honestly and speak out against him.

- Does he truly believe that the expansion of the war in Afghanistan is necessary to fight terrorism? The Europeans and other allies seem to view that as so much nonsense and will have none of it. Obama failed completely in his recent bid to get them to send troops. Does he know something that they don’t and why won’t they listen?

- Are oil reserves really the major issue in Iraq and is that why Obama seems to be planning a permanent occupation ( i.e. permanent war ) a la McCain’s “Hundred Years?”

Yes, all I have is questions. But my most urgent question is why we aren’t asking more and more questions, demanding answers and taking effective action.

© Janet Crain

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