Saturday, April 18, 2009

This is Great!!!

Hat Tip: Black & Right

Click on the image to listen to a great recording of Lou Dobbs:

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keyboard.jockey said...

Follow up to CNN's disgraceful coverage of tea partys.

Imus ask Howard Kurtz this morning do you have a communist card?

Imus Guest Howard Kurtz, CNN reliable sources, can’t produce his communist card :)

Imus gets Howard to admit that he knows exactly what the tax day tea partys were about, and they were not people protesting paying their taxes, like Paul Begala claimed. Howard Kurtz can’t spin CNN coverage so doesn’t bother but tries to deflect to Bush administration, you know wash rinse repeat :)

keyboard.jockey said...

Imus and Charles Tag Team Mike Lupica this morning FUN.

Imus has a problem with President Obama's recent international tour, where he points out our flaws, on his Dixie Chicks tour but none of our accomplishments. Imus sites Michael Goodwins's article in the New York Daily News. You can read "If President Obama Won't Defend The U.S. Who Will".

Mike Lupica doesn't think Obama has to put his criticisms into context on his first grand apology tour.