Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Don't Mess With Americans...We've Had Enough!!!

by Janet Crain
How can people say the Tea Parties aren't about taxes? Taxation without representation is what started the American Revolution.

Somewhere, we lost our way.

We do not have representation when our taxes are used for purposes repugnant to us. Such as ABORTION. And pushing through a Socialist government when we the tax payers believe this is morally wrong and will not be successful. Doing away with Free Enterprise by bailing out businesses who did not deserve to be helped. Proposing a huge bloated stimulus plan that is stuffed with pork and very little to stimulate the economy.

Going abroad with a retinue of hangers on who served little purpose, unless one or two were needed to catch Barack Obama if he bend over backward too far or fell forward onto the King of Arabia's feet.

Bringing shame on a nation I love.

Wasting taxpayer money to do these things. Oh yeah, it's about taxes.

And a whole lot more....

Ted Nugent: Remember the Alamo, taxpayers

TED NUGENT Texas Wildman

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Here we go again, at the shrine of Texas.

Throughout our history, brave, defiant fighters have armed themselves to stop oppressors, slavedrivers, tyrants, despots and punks of every stripe.

It doesn’t really matter who these oppressors are. We stop them all — Redcoats forcing taxation without representation, British goons coming after our guns, rioting gangs burning down the neighborhood in the name of Rodney King.

Bring it.

We don’t really care about the origin of evil, but we know it when we see it. Free men know that it must be halted by whatever means necessary.

Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie, Col. William B. Travis and a ragtag cadre of courageous freedom fighters saw the steamroller of oppression metastasizing from Mexico those many years ago. They made their gallant stand at the Alamo. One hundred and eighty-six militia men, rough-and-tumble squirrel hunters and deer hunters, stood against thousands from Santa Anna’s army, crippling it just enough to be broken in the final showdown at San Jacinto.

Freedom was a bloody line drawn in the Texas sand.

Thank God that today the same intense, defiant spirit rages on in the belly of an otherwise soft, spoiled nation.

© Janet Crain

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1 comment:

keyboard.jockey said...

Kinky Friedman commented on the populist awakening a couple of months ago on Imus in the Morning.

Kinky Friedman is running in the Democrat Primaries for Governor of Texas.

He thinks he can pull it out this time with both Independents and Democrats.