Saturday, April 18, 2009

Birds of a Feather......Preening Together

by Janet Crain
Obama and Chavez have apparently set aside their previous differences or else they just know a good photo op when they see one.
I am so relieved Obama did not feel it necessary to bow to Chavez. /sarc

Is this some kind of secret handshake?

Photo courtesy of the AP

In January, Chavez said Obama had the same "stench" as former President Bush after Obama criticized Chavez for backing the FARC (Armed Revolutionary Forces of Columbia) guerillas in neighboring Columbia. Earlier this month during a trip to Iran, Chavez said he doubted relations would improve with the U.S. because Obama was still "president of an empire."

"I hope President Obama is the last president of the Yankee Empire, and the first president of a truly democratic republic, the United States," Chavez said, after declaring a visit to Tehran "is like arriving at one's own home."

Obama has come face to face with leftist Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, one of Washington’s fiercest critics, twice so far at the Summit of the Americas. According to a senior official, when the two men were lining up for the ceremonial entrance last night, Obama strode over to Chavez and introduced himself. After a brief chat Obama smiled and returned to his place in the line. Later that night Obama joked to reporters that he’d said “Como estas?”

This morning, at the beginning of a meeting of the Union of South American Nations, Chavez gave Obama a book: “Las Venas Abietas de America Latina” or “The Open Veins of Latin America”, a scholarly text that analyses Latin America’s dependence on the north. The media friendly Chavez waited until the press had been allowed into the room for a photo opportunity before gifting the book, which Obama accepted.

One year ago:

Laptop links Obama, Chavez, Colombian revolutionaries
Narco-rebels say Venezuela aiding them, more help coming from Democrat president

Posted: March 05, 2008
8:40 am Eastern

© 2009 WorldNetDaily

Hugo Chavez
WASHINGTON – A laptop computer captured in the possession of a slain Colombian revolutionary provides tangible evidence Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is aiding the narco-rebels and that they see more help coming next year if Barack Obama becomes president.

The laptop was seized Saturday after a raid by Colombian government forces on commandos of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC. Some 23 rebels were killed in the raid, including Raul Reyes, their leader. The files on the computer provide details and context to what the Colombian government claims is Chavez's effort to subvert the U.S. ally.

Venezuela says the documents are lies. Obama's campaign has not commented on the allusions to a relationship between the Democratic presidential candidate and the Chavez-backed, drug lords of FARC.

The files reveal correspondence between the most prominent members and leaders of FARC:

  • Reyes, the FARC's foreign minister and public face;
  • Manuel Marulanda, the rebels' 77-year-old supreme leader;
  • Jorge Briceno, their much-feared field marshal;
  • Ivan Marquez, the insurgents' apparent go-between with Chavez. Marquez is believed to live in Venezuela

© Janet Crain

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