Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Chi, chi, chi, chia!

by Janet Crain
Is there anything more American than a made in China Chia Pet? Hasn't every kid in America had one of these? Here's the original commercial.

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But when the enterprising company introduced Obama Chia it didn't go over so well.

Now Walgreen's pulled the Obama Chia Pets from their shelves and the price is going through the roof on eBay.

At last! An economic stimulus!!!

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1 comment:

keyboard.jockey said...

Obama's Campaign Slogan "It's The War Stupid"

Col Jack Jacob this morning on Imus in the morning, mentions todays politicians are primarily "media personalities". Col Jacobs is more focused on the U.S. Military Budget, and the Afghanistan War and our build up of troops. President Obama promised to increase our footprint in Afghanistan. Imus asked Col Jacobs out of all his campaign promises why did he decide to keep this one?

Maybe we will outfit our troops with those little PUMAS in the news because apparently that is the only way our U.S. Military build up is going to get any attention.