Sunday, April 5, 2009

Media bias toward Sarah Palin just gets worse......

Two great blog posts I highly recommend are:


Those of us that believe in Sarah Palin and other Conservative leaders need to object loudly to the Media Bias so prevalent in the press. Some think we should ignore these people. I say they are like "dogs who return to their own vomit", until it is made more pleasant or less painful to do otherwise they will continue their present behavior., the Ankorage Daily News does allow vicious comments that do not meet their purported guidelines. The comments are sickening.

Please join me there in a fact finding mission.


Not sure what is going on there. There may have been some recent scrubbing.

I did find this page:

It just seems like an article about anyone remotely connected to Sarah Palin brings out the dingbats and trolls. They despise her and her family. It is pathetic really.

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