Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What is the Blood Price?

by Janet Crain

A UK paper reports Barack Obama is buying Michelle a 30 grand diamond-encrusted ring made of a rare costly metal that comes from South Africa mines. An Italian designer has orders to have the ring rushed to completion before the Inauguration.

What? If he had lost he wasn't going to buy her the ring? Obviously not or it would have been ordered sooner. Her effort would have been as much in a losing campaign as in a winning one. But no brass ring, ahem.. make that rhodium, the costliest metal on earth.

Costly in lives as well as money.

"Citing, strident resistance to Angloplat/Anglo American's plans to forcibly relocate up to 10,000 people in Limpopo, and the death of twelve mineworkers at the company's biggest platinum mine since the beginning of the year (five in the past fortnight alone), the current plan is to grant mineshare ownership to both communities and trade unionists.

Many of SA's mining industry employees are migrant labour. Some of the more than 160,000 people working in the nation's gold mines come from the impoverished Eastern Cape and from neighbouring countries such as Lesotho and Mozambique.

Sonjica said, however, that the immediate challenge facing the mining industry was the rising number of workers who die or are injured in the line of duty . She said the CEOs of mining companies should be held directly responsible for injuries and fatalities that take place in mines in an effort to ensure that occupational safety became a priority.

Occupational deafness and silicosis were also causes for great concern to the department. "


Barack Obama has used his African ancestry to catapult himself into the highest position on the planet, yet I have seen no evidence he has given anything back to the continent to which he owes his life.

And now in a final grand gesture he insults his heritage by furthering the exploitation of the African people.

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