Friday, December 5, 2008

Good Morning America Gusher

. Good Morning America Gushes Over 30 Day Anniversary of Obama Win
Sounding like junior high students reveling in their first romance, Good Morning America co-host Diane Sawyer and ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos on Thursday celebrated the one month anniversary of Barack Obama's election as president. While talking to the former Clinton aide-turned journalist, Sawyer cooed: "Well, speaking of the President-elect, kind of an anniversary today. 30 days since he was elected." She continued in a bubbly tone: "So, it's time to launch the first annual, ever, 30-day George Stephanopoulos presidential election awards." Stephanopoulos, of course, had nothing but praise for Obama. He enthused: "So, it's hard to imagine this first month going much better for the President-elect." He also lauded the Democrat for handling "the transition with the same kind of precision and discipline that he managed to show during the campaign."

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