Saturday, December 20, 2008

Much Ado About Governor Palin's Daughter's Future Mother-in-Law

by Janet Crain
So Levi Johnson's mother apparently has made some bad choices in her lifestyle. Where is the compassion that would be showered upon a Hollywood celebrity? Her addiction to the prescription painkiller Oxycontin and subsequent arrest has seemingly been reported in every newspaper in the world. Why are the MSM and leftist liberal bloggers practically foaming at the mouth over this story?
They have siezed on this fragile thread of association (Governor Palin's daughter, Bristol, is engaged to Levi and will give birth to his child any moment now) as an example of how hypocritical they think Sarah Palin is and incidentally low class. They are already calling Oxycontin "hillbilly" heroin. Although having multiple offspring out of wedlock is practically de rigueur for celebrities these days, they have had a collective fit over the Governor's daughter who is 18 and legally an adult having this child as a single Mom.

To all of the reporters and bloggers and finger waggers, I have this to say:

Stop picking on an innocent baby and a young couple. Stop trying to harass Governor Palin. The Kennedy's have a cousin who brutally killed a young girl. Jacquelyn Kennedy's aunt and cousin lived in a dirt encrusted 28 room old mansion where cats and racoons wandered freely. People have embarrassing relatives. I bet you do.

The whole problem with the public's perception that Sarah Palin is unfit for office is their perception of her as some kind of redneck trailer trash. She doesn't come from a wealthy family or have Hollywood celebrity. Her husband, while very well known in Alaska as a 4 time winner of the Iron Man sled run is not a famous politician.

You would think the above would be a plus, that she made it on her own. But this nation loves their "royalty".

As a genealogist I would like to inform you that Sarah's creds are as good as anyone's and better than most.

She has 7 Mayflower ancestors and is descended from or is related to many famous people, including McCain, Obama and Bush. She also descends from numerous royal lines.

Read about it here:

None of this makes her a better person or a better leader, but it is interesting. There is nothing bad about rednecks or people living in trailer parks. I am really tired of hearing smart mouths calling people trailer trash. Some of those people are a lot better people than the ones running them down.
People have gotten real snobby in this country. It is not an attractive trait. Having money doesn't make you a better person. Having common sense, good morals, a generous heart and a cheerful outlook on life makes you a valuable human being. We could use more people like that.

© Janet Crain

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2 Conservative Women said...

I thought of this double standard in the MSM just today as I was unfortunate enough to catch a few minutes of the idiotic View show. They had the terribly funny Andy Dick on, and he was showing off his ankle monitor, while he sang some moronic song about all the trouble he's been in lately. A quick Wikipedia check of his personal life and recent arrests confirmed for me just how much of a double standard these libs have. There they sat laughing with and fawning over this drug addicted, alcoholic while they have the nerve to go after Sarah Palin's daughter and her future mother-in- law.