Friday, December 5, 2008

Slate Calls Doubters a Fringe Movement

Slate, the leading online news magazine, has an article today calling all the people who want to see proof of Barack Obama's birth certificate a fringe movement.

It leads off by saying:

If you want to stop Barack Obama from becoming president, there's still time. But you have to act right now. Go to, and you can be the 126,000th-odd American to demand "proof of citizenship" from the president-elect.

The entire condescending article can be found here:


Snowed In said...

I am sure that Slate has also put the same amount of effort into deriding those who are still trying to prove Trig isn't Sarah's, right? Right?

History Chasers said...

Good point! And there are whole websites and blogs devoted to this.

Apparently there are people who have nothing to do but scrounge the web for pnk dress prom pictures, MySpace comments, he said, she said, and come up with preposterous theories.

One of them will not publish my polite comments. Just nuts!