Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It Takes a Liberal to Turn an Honor into an Insult

Rep. Jim McDermott wrangled an invitation for a local artist in his district of Washington State to create an ornament for the White House Tree. The liberal artist, Deborah Lawrence chose to make a mockery of this honor by creating an insult to STANDING President George Bush. Being asked to create an ornament includes an invitation to the White House which Ms.Lawrence received and said it nauseated her. But later decided to attend.

Upon further reflection it has been decided to not use her offering which has little strips of typed text arranged in glued on swirls saying that President Bush should be impeached. In addition to the insulting message, it looks really amateurish to me and unprofessional.

You can read more about it at these two links. I hope you will leave a comment at the Columbian.

  • 2006 WHO IS REP. JIM McDERMOTT (D-WA)?An Extreme Dem Who Supports Tax Hikes, Massive Federal Spending, And Would Cut-And-Run On Terror

  • 10/30/06)STANCE ON SADDAM HUSSEIN INDICATES REP. MCDERMOTT IS ONE OF “MOST LIBERAL, LEAST TACTFUL” LEGISLATORS Rep. McDermott Said To Be One Of Most Controversial Members Of Congress:“McDermott Is One Of The Most Liberal, Least Tactful Members Of Congress; This Is The Man Who Called Saddam Hussein More Credible Than George Bush.”(“Esquire Endorses America,” Esquire, 11/1/06)In September 2002, Rep. McDermott Traveled To Baghdad And Defended Saddam Hussein’s Regime:Reps. McDermott Visited Baghdad To Support Saddam’s Regime

  • The Washington Post’s George Will: “Not since Jane Fonda posed for photographers at a Hanoi antiaircraft gun has there been anything like Rep. Jim McDermott, speaking to ABC’s ‘This Week’ from Baghdad, saying Americans shouldtake Saddam Hussein at his word, but should not take President Bush at his."
  • .”(George F. Will, “Innocents Abroad,” The Washington Post, 10/1/02) In April 2004, Rep. McDermott Traveled To Iraq Thanks To An Oil-For-Food Recipient, Who Picked Up Tab For Trip.

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