Friday, December 5, 2008

The Fascinating Barack Obama

Obama 'Most Fascinating' to Walters: 'Redeemed American Promise'
Unveiling President-elect Barack Obama as her "Most Fascinating Person of 2008," Barbara Walters wrapped up her Thursday night prime time special by championing how Obama "has redeemed the American promise that an individual can make his own destiny and create a new world." (Obama hasn't even taken office, yet he's already managed to "create a new world"?) She then presumptuously gushed: "We are all members of that new world now, and that for us makes him the Most Fascinating Person of 2008. Good luck, Mr. President."

Well, maybe he has created a new world. I have been feeling as if I were living in a parallel universe ever since November 4th. Right is wrong, wrong is right, up is down, down is up, good is bad, bad is good, etc. JC

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1 comment:

SpeakDog said...

Ummmm... I kind of liked the "old world"...

Guess I'm just bitter and clingy.