Tuesday, December 2, 2008

CHAMBLISS WINS!! Takes Early Lead; Holds On In Georgia Senate Race


Not so fast Barry.

Will the MSM hail this GOP win as the first repudiation of the Obama Administration? After all, the Obots threw a pile of cash at this race and brought in all the heavy-hitters. Perhaps a case of buyers’ remorse set in and the voters wanted to curtail Obama’s ambitious Socialist agenda.
Allow me to be the first to credit Sarah Palin as the closer. She brought the biggest crowds to her events supporting Chambliss and the base loves her


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Paul_Z said...

Just posted my opinion that Sarah Palin has not only stood up to the challenge of Saxby Chambliss re-election run-off, but she delivered extraordinarily. The key now for Sarah Palin is going to be: can she deliver a significantly improved grass roots movement by November of 2010? Based on what I saw with Chambliss, I think she’s going to give it one heck a good try.

The Lee’s Summit Conservative