Thursday, August 27, 2009

Where have all the pearls gone? Long time passing...

Where have all the pearls gone? Long time passing...

A year ago we saw a lot of pearls. Maybe we didn't really see the woman wearing them.

When will we ever learn?

I guess candidate's wives try harder than incumbent's wives.


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1 comment:

Conservative Cali Girl said...

Believe me- fashion statements mean a lot. She is not stupid. She definitely knows how she is presenting herself. When you walk off a govt plane wearing slouchy shorts- it does send off a bad message to those watching.

But more importantly - consider the bait and switch with the images here- June Cleaver (iconic housewife) to College Freshman (more concerned with comfort while making a midnight donut run than representing the country as a First Lady) in just a few months.

When you are on Airforce One- image does matter. Walking your dog wearing shorts- not a big deal.