Monday, August 24, 2009

Walkin' the Dog.......

Wow!!! The contrast is striking. Nancy Reagan dressed to the nines to walk the dog and Michelle Obama ....... well, what can I say?

Am I being nit picky?

It's just that, frankly, the first lady has nothing to do except look nice and represent the USA in a positive way.

I remember reading that among the FLOTUS's staff, there's a person whose only job is to take care of the FLOTUS's clothes. Send them to the laundry or cleaners. And keep a record book of what was worn when and where.

I can't imagine that has been a very hard job lately.

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keyboard.jockey said...

For fun you should post a side by side of Jackie O and Michelle Obama for some reason people think that Obamas are the continuation of the Kennedy's legacy.

class comes from with in - not off a designer's rack.

Drusilla said...

"class comes from with in - not off a designer's rack."

But even class requires that when photos are being taken, one dress in something appropriate. The FLOTUS should comport herself as such - it goes with the job. I know that's hard for her but as has been noted, she has a great deal of help.

Anonymous said...

I just threw up a little.