Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ma and Pa Kettle Go to a Town Hall Meeting......

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ED SCHULTZ: Oh, there's a lot going on. Tonight: it's an uprising! Angry old white folks are storming into town halls all across the country spewing lies about health care reform. Let me set the record straight early on: these folks, I think, they're dumber than Joe the Plumber.
. . .
SCHULTZ: Mr. President, you have the people behind you. I've done enough of these [town halls] to know that there's a fraction of Americans out there who are, you know, the old right wing, they're playing on the old, angry white uneducated misinformed Americans to go out there and carry the torch in the Republican party right now. To shake it up to defeat. That's why they use "failure." This is how they're trying to generate it!

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keyboard.jockey said...

Dear Democrats You're Pushin too Hard.


Anonymous said...

That's really funny stuff.