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How Can Al Gore Look at Himself in the Mirror?

Al Gore's Nashville home

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by Janet Crain
We whose ancestors settled Texas know what a difference access to electricity made. Women labored from dawn to way past dusk to accomplish what we do now by pushing a button. They sweltered in the heat of Summer and huddled by tiny fires in the Winter. Meals were monotonous and lacking in basic nutritional needs. Stove wood had to be cut and carried long distances at times. Water had to be carried up the banks of creek and river beds. And the water wasn't always safe. Many died from drinking "bad" water.

Many oldsters can still recount how wonderful it was to have electricity at last. One naked light bulb in the middle of the room, a radio, hopefully a refrigerator and washing machine.These wonderful luxuries were acquired one at a time and each acquisition was celebrated.

How can Al Gore and the other global warming liars look in the mirror. How can they deny basic
necessities to other human beings while they are living large in a huge sprawling mansion with a heated olympic sized swimming pool?

Africa’s real climate crisis

By Fiona Kobusingye
Townhall, July 29, 2009

Life in Africa is often nasty, impoverished and short. AIDS kills 2.2 million Africans every year according to WHO (World Health Organization) reports. Lung infections cause 1.4 million deaths, malaria 1 million more, intestinal diseases 700,000. Diseases that could be prevented with simple vaccines kill an additional 600,000 annually, while war, malnutrition and life in filthy slums send countless more parents and children to early graves.

And yet, day after day, Africans are told the biggest threat we face is – global warming.

However, the real problem isn’t questionable or fake science, hysterical claims and worthless computer models that predict global warming disasters. It’s that they’re being used to justify telling Africans that we shouldn’t build coal or natural gas electrical power plants. It’s the almost total absence of electricity keeping us from creating jobs and becoming modern societies. It’s that these policies KILL.

The average African life span is lower than it was in the United States and Europe 100 years ago. But Africans are being told we shouldn’t develop, or have electricity or cars because, now that those countries are rich beyond anything Africans can imagine, they’re worried about global warming.

Al Gore and UN climate boss Yvo de Boer tell us the world needs to go on an energy diet. Well, I have news for them. Africans are already on an energy diet. We’re starving!

Al Gore uses more electricity in a week than 28 million Ugandans together use in a year. And those anti-electricity policies are keeping us impoverished.

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keyboard.jockey said...

Return of the Primitives.....I think there should be a study to find out if there are not more than one kind of human species on this earth. Because there are a lot of anti humans in positions of high office. They hate humans and want them to stop producing because of the impact on the environment. Huh the same environment that has been here for how many millions of years? That is the agenda. Hillary Clinton stated it herself in India. when she stated population control was tied to the Green movement. These people are GHOULS. Plain and simple, the eugenicist want to see less inferior peoples on the earth...who is inferior to a eugenicist- anyone who isn't them.