Friday, March 20, 2009

Who's Really Running This Country?

Barack Obama's Teleprompter Has A Blog. TOTUS is also twittering, and right now as I write this has 1,605 followers. That is 1,605 more followers then Joe Biden's Teleprompter. Today TOTUS was answering some of Rush Limbaugh's Questions Here. For Some unfathomable reason Wikipedia has marked TOTUS's Wikipedia page for deletion.

This is so funny. And sure enough as soon as President Obama went off the teleprompter last night on Jay Leno, he committed a serious gaffe. I am sure Teleprompter is much more sensitive and quick on his feet and wouldn't have said something so dumb thoughtless.

Readers may recall the question arising as to what who Michelle Obama had in that brown bag on the Valentine's Day night out in Chicago. Now we know!

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