Monday, March 30, 2009

Auto Workers Not Happy With Treatment of Wagoner

by Janet Crain
One source said the reason for the disparaging treatment of the auto industry is because they are dinosaurs who have outlived their time. But bankers will still be needed in the future. This is a totally asinine explanation to me. How are we supposed to move people and goods from one place to another? Transportation is and will continue to be the most important industry in the global economy. I suppose BO plans to round up everyone and put them in re-education camps planned communities where they can walk or pedal to work and shopping and government approved cultural events. But there is just one problem with this scenario: we are Americans who were born free and we'll die free.

Anything less is to to spit on our ancestor's memories.

Workers say Obama treated autos worse than Wall St

DETROIT (AP) -- Many assembly line autoworkers reacted with skepticism and anger Monday to the Obama administration's tough tactics, which stoked long-simmering feelings that the people who put the country on wheels get treated differently than the wizards of Wall Street.

"It's the age-old Wall Street vs. Main Street smackdown again," said Brian Fredline, president of UAW Local 602 at a plant near Lansing. "You have all kinds of funding available to banks that are apparently too big to fail, but they're also too big to be responsible."

"But when it comes to auto manufacturing and middle-class jobs and people that don't matter on Wall Street, there are certainly different standards that we have to meet -- higher standards -- than the financials. That is a double standard that exists and it's unfair," Fredline said.

Many workers -- not generally known for their affection toward executives -- even sympathized with Rick Wagoner, who was forced to step down as chief executive of General Motors Corp. He was by turns called a "sacrificial lamb," "scapegoat" and "fall guy."

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