Thursday, March 12, 2009

Removing the “Painted Mask.”: Mexican Truth. Mexican Corruption.

Hat Tip: Alamo City Pundit

Wilder continues to delight and enthrall with each re-reading of “Painted Mask.” The Table of Contents reads like a list of topics guaranteed to arouse the ire of the La Raza crowd. Mexican Truth. Mexican Corruption. Why Mexicans Do Not Assimilate. Why Mexicans Come North. Mother of Mexicans. Culture in a Curse. Yet there’s no animus here; Wilder takes his lifetime of growing up in South Texas, his command of the language, and his extensive travels in Mexico herself and brings the truth as he sees it, while showing us collectively the things he’s learned in the process.

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J.D. Long said...

I was just thinking what a remarkably insightful and erudite review you had here; when i realized it was mine from the amazon site.


Nevertheless, you win the coveted "I've-been-linked-at-Alamo-City-Pundit" Award.

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