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Is Bristol Palin fair game?

I am appalled at the leftist media and a couple of those on the right. How anyone can mock and use the tragedies of other people to have fun and/or boost their blog traffic is simply beyond me. A young couple have decided not to marry. They could change their minds. It is none of our business.

The stress they have been through makes this understandable. The media's constant interference even cost Levi Johnson his job. And I don't care if he didn't have his GED. That could have been remedied quickly. We have seen a parade of unqualified people fill highly paid federal and state positions and most continued to do so by fulfilling the requirement. This was just one young man taking on burdens far beyond his years.

This topic is so "hands off". I would feel the same if Bristol was Barack Obama's daughter or Hillary's. In fact I detested the tacky things said about 12 year old Chelsie. BTW, she has grown into a beautiful young woman.

One blogger told me Bristol and Tripp are fair game because Sarah Palin made them so when she threw them into the limelight.

Of course this makes no sense. Young and fragile helpless mothers and babies are never "fair game" and I really appreciate this blogger who is not a Palin supporter saying so.

Is Bristol Palin fair game?

March 13, 2:26 PM · 1 comment
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17 year old Bristol palin and son AP Photo/Fox News

It seems to be a little distasteful when the left leaning media, or the wacky left bloggers decide to attack a candidate’s family. Granted there are whacked out loons on the right who do the same thing, but are politicians family members really fair game? Is it ok to attack a 17 year old girl who is already going through an extremely difficult situation?

This is in the news right now since it became known this week that Bristol Palin, daughter of Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin, has broken up with her boyfriend and father of her baby.

Regardless of where one sits on the Sarah Palin issue, I for one happen to be on the fence, I feel attacking someone’s family is pretty classless. While I don’t really know how I feel about Palin, I do know that the McCain campaign made a huge mistake in picking her, and the proof of that is they got creamed in the election last fall.

Not knowing or not realizing what a publicity storm a teenage pregnancy was going to do to the campaign is the final mistake that sink the McCain ship. However I don’t think it is fair to continually attack Palin’s daughter.

I found this article from last September that kind of coincides with my thoughts on this. It is not ok to attack family members, attack the candidate all you want they asked for it by running but leave family members, especially the children out of it.

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1 comment:

SpeakDog said...

It's funny to me that the people who said Michelle Obama was off limits are the ones now torturing a 17 year old girl and her newborn. Two *children*....

Michelle was fair game because she went out into the public eye and functioned as a surrogate spokesperson for her husband. She is an adult who jumped into the fray, not a child who was brought into the limelight by her mother's fame.

Also, this year, Chelsea Clinton became fair game, too. She did not deserve to be brought into the conversation when she was a child, on the fringes of the political ambitions of her parents. But, she is a 27-year-old woman now, and she was actively campaigning on the trail, speaking on her mother's behalf. Big difference.