Monday, March 9, 2009

Texas Cities Setting for Drug Cartel Wars

by Janet Crain
The comments in the Houston Chronicle by some people who want to solve this horrible problem by legalizing drugs are really stupid, IMO. To those who feel we should just let all the illegals in and legalize drugs to solve this problem I would say:

Give me a break! In the first place it would not work. You would still have competing gangs killing each other. And we should not cave to bullies and terrorists because they will get worse. People want to rob banks and sometimes they do. What's the answer? Throw the doors open and hand out money? NO!!! Shut the borders and enforce the drug laws and illegal alien laws. Not enough personel? Hire some more with all that money pouring out of Washington. And/or use the National Guard.

Don't just give up!!!

What about the demand for hard dangerous drugs? Gonna legalize those too? Anybody can cook up Meth. It ruins lives. Turns parents into zombies.

We do not need a nation on drugs.

Get a grip. Sober up if necessary.

Help don't hinder.

Mexican cartels infiltrate Houston

Recent arrests in a mistaken killing point to the perilous presence of gangs

Copyright 2009 Houston Chronicle

March 7, 2009, 9:28PM

Family photo

Jose Perez was enjoying a night out with his wife, Norma, in 2006 when hitmen with a Mexican drug cartel mistook him for a rival trafficker and gunned him down.

The order was clear: Kill the guy in the Astros jersey.

But in a case of mistaken identity, Jose Perez ended up dead. The intended target — the Houston-based head of a Mexican drug cartel cell pumping millions of dollars of cocaine into the city — walked away.

Perez, 27, was just a working guy, out getting dinner late on a Friday with his wife and young children at Chilos, a seafood restaurant on the Gulf Freeway.

His murder and the assassination gone awry point to the perilous presence of Mexican organized crime and how cartel violence has seeped into the city.

Arrests came in December when police and federal agents got a break in the 2006 shooting as they charted the relationship and rivalries between at least five cartel cells operating in Houston. A rogue’s gallery of about 100 names and mug shots taken at Texas jails and morgues offers a blueprint for Mexican organized crime.

Houston has long been a major staging ground for importing illegal drugs from Mexico and shipping them to the rest of the United States, but a recent Department of Justice report notes it is one of 230 cities where cartels maintain distribution networks and supply lines.

© Janet Crain

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It's unbelievable Donald Inks left a link on the last Imus Truth post, this subject CSPAN Video. We were discussing this very topic, don't people think Americans of Hispanic descent want to be safe too?