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Cafferty Can't Stop Talking About ...... Sarah Palin

CNN's Jack Cafferty Mocks Sarah Palin...Yet

When he's not gushing over the Obamas, you can make a fair bet that CNN commentator Jack Cafferty is bashing conservatives, and he returned to one of his favorite subjects of scorn during his regular "Cafferty File" segment on Thursday's Situation Room -- Sarah Palin. He labeled three quotes from a recent speech the Alaska Governor gave as "painful." He concluded his commentary by remarking that "whoever said truth is stranger than fiction must have met this woman."

The CNN commentator also hinted twice during the segment that the Alaska Governor was unintelligible. During the commentary, the commentator remarked that Palin "talked about why the Republicans lost in November, and seemed mostly to blame the press, at least I think that's what she said." Later, after Blitzer stated that the Governor would be visiting Washington and that they were going to try to have her on the program, Cafferty laughed and replied: "Well, let's hope so. Maybe you can understand her."

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For an example of Cafferty's recent adulation of the Obamas, see the March 4 CyberAlert item, "CNN's Jack Cafferty Confesses His 'Crush on Michelle Obama,'" at:

Cafferty began by reading the quotes without an attribution and asked his viewers to see if they could guess who gave them. After reading the first two, he labeled them "vintage Sarah Palin." After reading the third quote and labeling all three "painful," and summarizing what Palin had talked about during her speech, he asked his "Question of the Hour:" "Is Sarah Palin still relevant to the national dialogue?"

As you might expect, all but one of the viewer responses that Cafferty read at the end of the hour bashed the Alaska governor to one degree or another. The sole exception actually targeted the commentator himself: "Given she's the subject of at least one of your questions every time she opens her mouth, it must mean she's still relevant to the national dialogue!" That person has apparently been paying attention, since Cafferty devoted 35% of his "Questions of the Hour" over a month period between late August and the end of September 2008 to talking about Palin.

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