Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tesoro Iron Dog Race Begins Today!!!

Video of Sarah Palin Starting the Race

Tesoro Iron Dog Race

It's cold, it's fast and it's here! The mechanical version of the Iditarod begins on Big Lake, Alaska, this Sunday, February 10. You can show up at 10:00 AM and join the party until the teams of two start taking off at 11:00 AM. They go all the way to Nome and back again. That is over 2000 miles of stark white wilderness at the coldest time of the year. Brrr. This Iron Dog race is the longest, furthest, craziest snow mobile race in the world.

Todd Palin (A.K.A. "Mr. Sarah Palin" or "First Dude of Alaska̶ and Scott Davis won the event last year. In fact, Todd Palin has been on the winning team 4 times in the last 15 years, coming in second 3 times in that same time period. Rest assured our "hottie" Alaskan governor is married to a real Alaskan man. They are an Uber Arctic couple for sure.

If you want to follow the race, see who is competing this year, or look at results from past years, check out their website at

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