Monday, February 2, 2009

The Day the Music Died

They called it The Day the Music Died but in a way his death brought about the birth of music; the beatles, the rolling stones, even Elvis took considerable inspiration from this underrated genius. He died 50 years ago tonight in a frozen corn field in Iowa. RIP

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keyboard.jockey said...


This reminds me of my cousins the Hallfords back in Montana. When I was little my Mom's older sister Ella's daughters would take care of me, and babysit me. I remember these dresses and these huge slips to fill them out, lined up and hanging in their closets. The Hallfords lived in the area called Target Range in Missoula it was incorporated. They had a lot of land, horses, chickens, hogs ect...and the River ran behind their property, next door were the Gooseys. That's what we called the neighbors. In those days they were like extended family, (We always knew the Gooseys' news, what was going on with them, I hung out in their barn as a child) the way we would pass back and forth - doors wide open in those days:) A few years ago Aunt Ella died, I don't know if her kids sold the property, the city really wanted it to finish their river walk project. The Gooseys are still there. I remember the Hallford girls when I was young, and they would balance me on their hip and sing and dance with me to this music. You don't know till your older, how well you had it when you were young:)