Sunday, February 15, 2009

Quarter Million Dollar Valentine's Day Trip

How much did you spend on your Valentine Celebration? Our new president spent $246,908 of taxpayer money just in travel cost. I doubt and sincerely hope no one else in the world felt it necessary to spend that much or even more. But maybe some Saudi Arabian prince did.

Just imagine the President spent almost one quarter of a million dollars of taxpayer money on one weekend trip. That is many times more than most people make anually. And more than the average house costs.

It really seems hypocritical of him to ask Americans to practice fiscal restraint in these tough times and then jet off for the weekend.

Hat Tip: Sweetness and Light

According to the first distance calculator above, it is 598 miles (962 km) (519 nautical miles) from Washington, DC to Chicago, Illinois.

Mr. Obama’s two trips back and forth from DC to Chicago add up to 2392 miles – as the crow flies.

Which, if our calculations are correct, amounts to at least 3.8 hours flying time for Air Force One. And 4.6 hours of flying time for the accompanying cargo plane.

(For the sake of simplicity, we will assume that both planes were going at their full speed, which they probably were not. And we will not count the time in service on the ground before and after each flight.)

Using these very conservative figures, Air Force One cost $214,768 and the cargo plane cost $32,140. For a grand total of $246,908 for Mr. Obama’s three round trips.

The math calculations are here and based on 2006 fuel costs.

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Keyboard Jockey said...


How many Shelter Boxes for Haitians could be bought with the same amount of money? The Shelter Boxes cost 800.00 a piece, and can shelter up to 10 people a tent. Craig Crawford is going to be on Imus in the Morning tomorrow. Imus has already bought 13 boxes himself, and brought up Craig's Trail Mixers - Shelter Boxes for Haitians.

They cost 800.00 but what happens they get a whole bunch of people to chip in what they can like 10.00 a piece so 80 people can chip in 10.00, and shelter 10 Haitians Craig's latest number they have Sheltered 869 Haitians so far.

I am sure the President and his wife would rather for go a trip to New York if the money were redirected to Haiti and Shelter Boxes. They Could Share their Love :)

Keyboard Jockey said...

Correction: 508 sheltered so far.

When people give to Charity some of the money goes to the people you intend it to go to some goes to overhead etc... Shelter Boxes go directly to a particular family, and they even have a system where you can track the box, and see that the family received it.

History Chasers said...

Very good idea!!!

I just think their trips are obscenely wasteful.

The costs of all those jets is actually more as I used 2006 fuel costs. And if they are worried about their damn carbon footprint, I have news for them. One trip equals one small country's carbon footprint!!!