Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Daschled Hopes

By Janet Crain
Barack Obama has just had the shortest honeymoon in presidential history. Reality has set in and people are now seeing there is nothing in the empty suit.

I don't want to say; "I told you so." I would rather be proven wrong. But folks to the right of me and folks to the left of me are all saying the same thing.

And the scary thing is some of these hare brained decisions are causing permanent damage.

From Solon:

During the presidential election campaign, even Barack Obama’s most severe detractors conceded that he was smart, politically savvy, and had put together a team of brilliant advisors and managers.

Everyone expected that President Obama would carry the cool professionalism and political acumen of his campaign into his administration.

What the hell happened?

Since the election, the Obama team has become The Gang That Couldn’t Appoint Straight.

© Janet Crain

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