Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"The One" Finding Out How Fickle the American Public is: PRICELESS!!!

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Anonymous said...

Where does your party get such shallow losers? This is NOT what we stand for! ..... Or are Palin and Jindal really the best they have to offer?
And is that the best that YOU can do, make fun about Michell Obama's dress?

History Chasers said...

I simply reported that taxes must be paid on clothing lent by fashion designers.

Why do you call Palin and Jindal losers? Both are popular and excellent governors. Their states are among the few not going broke.

Who does your party stand for? The parade of tax evaders we have seen during the cabinet selection? Or Barney Frank and the failed Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac housing bubble?

And you haven't learned a thing! The Houston mayor wanting to use taxpayers money to pay off private citizens' credit cards so they could qualify to buy a house is insane!

Owning a house is a privilege. Earned by saving and doing without. Why should those who did the right thing have to pay off people's credit cards who bought extravagant items and services?

Because easy credit was available and so tempting these people just couldn't help themselves? Cry me a river.

And I went easy on MO's dress. Read Chickaboomer. She described it well.

History Chasers said...

Michelle Obama's Inauguration Dress Description: