Tuesday, January 26, 2010

President Brown???

Newsmax/Zogby Poll: Scott Brown Could Defeat Obama in Presidential Race

By: David A. Patten

A stunning new poll conducted by Newsmax/Zogby reveals that Massachusett's new Republican Senator-elect Scott Brown could defeat President Barack Obama in a presidential election.

The Newsmax/Zogby poll released Tuesday found that the pair would be statistically deadlocked if the presidential election was held today.

The poll indicates surprisingly weak support for the president among independent voters, who favor the tyro Brown by 48.6 percent to 36 percent in a hypothetical matchup against Obama.

Mark McKinnon, the respected political strategist who created former President George W. Bush's successful television ad campaigns in 2000 and 2004, told Newsmax that the survey results should trigger alarms for Team Obama.

"The real problem for Obama is that he has lost the middle, and losing the middle means losing independents," McKinnon said. "And it is independents that are responsible for swinging elections one way or the other in this country. So if you lose independents, you're going to lose the presidency."

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Keyboard Jockey said...

No Signs Of Intelligent Life?

Since the Scott Brown win I have not heard the phrase “Teabagger”
being used by MSM Reporters. It’s not because those same Reporters weren’t relishing using it as an epithet for Average everyday Americans. Their Corporate Masters called them off because of the Scott Brown win?

I think tonight’s State of the Union Speech will have a strong Clintonian flavor.

It’s NYT week at You Have To Be This Tall To Go On This Ride.

Why does Maureen Dowd compare our President to Mr Spock?

The State of the Union “Rescue, Restore, Rebuild. Mr Spock makes his move.

“When the men on the chessboard
Get up and tell you where to go”

Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/nb-staff/2010/01/27/open-thread#comment-1151556#ixzz0dpdp7IXH

Keyboard Jockey said...

Following up, Spock’s favorite phrase, Fascinating, well no not really.

President Addresses Nation “There’s Seventy Minutes I Can Never Get Back”

Yeah, I’m Just Not Feeling It.

What does the President need to do for a bump in the polls hint this isn’t it.

Did The Phrase the President used “I Won’t Give Up, Don’t You Give
Up” Sound familiar to anyone else? Train “Calling All You Angels.

Well since there has been an Earth – there has been a climate, and it has been changing. How does one Fight mother nature, and make her stop changing the climate?

The progressives won’t use Global Warming anymore because of the hoax so they changed it to Climate Change. This is just dumb. Of course there is climate change and water is wet.