Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dems are Really Dim-witted

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Democrat’s face possible lawsuit from UPS?
Posted by Dan in Politics
UPS is hopping mad at the Massachusetts Democrat Party.

The Massachusetts Democratic Party apparently doesn’t have anyone on staff that has a clear understanding of trademarks, or for that matter, the obvious. They recently sent out a flyer depicting Senatorial candidate Scott Brown as a UPS driver and asks, “What can Brown do to you?” In the flyer, Scott Brown is dressed up as a UPS driver and the flyer then says, “He can reward corporations that ship your job overseas just like George W. Bush.”

From the Boston Herald:

“Our legal team sent the Massachusetts Democratic Party an e-mail today,” company spokeswoman Susan Rosenberg said yesterday. “As part of ongoing UPS brand protection, we asked that no further copies be distributed.”

As of late yesterday, Rosenberg said UPS had not received a response. The Massachusetts Democratic Party did not respond to a message left at its headquarters in Boston by the Herald.

Stupid Ad that Dems thought was a good idea.

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1 comment:

Lee Hazel said...

This UPS ad just underlines the simple fact that the people in charge of the Democratic Party have never held a legitimate job working for a for-profit company.

They really haven't a clue.

Sadly this is true of a great deal of our elected officials at all levels. The preponderance of attorneys in our government further underlines the "clueless" factor.

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